March 8, 2016


Hello! It's Tuesday evening and I'm just sitting down to watch my favorite show -- Fixer Upper! I've had a few long, but amazing couple days over here (from Phoenix, to San Fran, Napa and back again), and I'm already missing the hustle and bustle of one of my most favorite cities. It rained almost the entire time I was in Northern California, so I didn't get to snap as many photos with my "real" camera as I had hoped, but I did get some great shots on my iPhone and a few on my DSLR that I'm excited to share soon. In the meantime, the weekend before I headed to the City, Scott and I skipped our usual brunch spot and headed down to The Normal Diner in Tempe for some Sunday breakfast and a little time in the sun on such a beautiful day!

The Normal Diner has a bit of a funny past, despite calling themselves "normal" -- up until a few years ago this spot was an IHOP attached to an old and outdated hotel that catered to visiting parents of ASU dorm-living kids. The entire thing was painted an icky, peachy pink and -- anyways, back to the point -- a couple years ago they closed down the hotel and restaurant and completely re-did them both. Today, both the restaurant and hotel (the Graduate Hotel) are super cool and very Mid-Century Modern in design. The restaurant is open to the public, and is a super sweet spot for Sunday brunch (not very busy there, either!).

Our brunch was delicious, and Scott may have dowsed his in hot sauce (as he usually does!). After filling up on omelettes, potato mashes and lots of black coffee, we headed out to snap a few photos in from of their now iconic coffee wall (and sip on more coffee in the process).

While it's been feeling like spring around here for a couple of weeks now, the past few days have felt like an Arizona winter all over again -- chilly, breezy and a little rainy too. I know that it will be warming up in a few days, though, so I'm trying to savor it while I can. 

The next few days are going to be pretty busy around here, but all good things -- another exciting event with work and a few fun projects to complete together. I've been keeping a honey-do list for Scott lately, and it keeps getting longer and longer -- a want him to build a bench for in front of our bed, a mini hanging ladder, a skinny entry table and more. I have a feeling he's going to be busy this spring, ha! I'm been kind of obsessed with home decor lately, in fact, I've been pinning like crazy to my Home Sweet Home board! Ok -- be back soon, friends! Have a great week! xoxo

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March 2, 2016


Heading to our local farmer's market is my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning, especially in the fall and winter months. There are tons of different markets in the greater Phoenix area, but our very favorite is the one in downtown Gilbert. On most Saturday mornings, Scott, my mom and I all try our very best to get down to the market around 9:30am to pick up veggies, the occasional plant or bunch of flowers, and usually an iced coffee (or two!) together. Going to local farmer's markets was something that my mom and I always did growing up together, so I love that we all get to experience this weekly routine together as a family now.

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Madewell Scarf (similar!)

Now that the spring and summer months are almost upon us, our farmer's market trips may start to dwindle, but I will always love getting up early to soak in the sights, sounds and tastes of our local market -- especially those Proof Bread chocolate croissants that I desperately miss eating (GF since October!). In other news, not too much has been going on around here -- Scott and I both have had pretty busy weeks at work, and during the evenings we've been doing our best to make dinner at home and go on a nice two mile walk in our neighborhood before hitting the hay. I haven't been sleeping great lately, so I've been watching a lot of late-night home improvement tv shows (Fixer Upper & Rehab Addict are my favs) and also drinking more and more coffee to combat those tired mornings. On Friday I'm headed to San Francisco for a work trip, so I'm excited to be heading back to one of my most favorite cities -- the one where Scott and I spent our honeymoon, that is. :)

Do you have a local market that you love checking out on the weekends? If you're local to the PHX area, let me know your favorite market and which vendors to visit!
-Chelsea xo

February 29, 2016


You didn't think I had forgotten about sharing the rest of your trip to Music City? Truth be told, I just need a little break and wanted to show you more of what's been happening around here lately. However, I'm happy to be back and sharing more of our trip and a particularly favorite day we had while around Nashville. Like any good tourist, we couldn't pass up the chance to check out the world famous Loveless Cafe -- so on a dreary and rainy day, we headed up and down a very windy road (we accidentally took the wrong route through the country) and made our way to Loveless for breakfast. 

There was a bit of wait when we pulled up, so we put our name down and headed toward the gift shop for a little perusing while we waited. We ended up picking up a couple of cheesy souvenirs (my favorite kind!), and then made our way to the cafe when our buzzer starting ringing.

The biscuits are a staple at Loveless, of course, so we shared a batch pre-breakfast, and then Scott had a biscuit sampler for his meal. The food was true Southern style and the atmosphere was fun -- now we can say we've been to the Loveless Cafe, hot biscuits and all. 

After finishing up at Loveless, we made the drive out to Franklin, TN -- a charming town not that far outside of Nashville that everyone had told us to visit. Franklin had been on our radar for many years now, and after having friends live out there and talk about all of the charming shops and quaint coffee shops, Scott and I knew we needed to venture outside of the big city and give Franklin a visit. After parking our car and taking a little stroll down their darling main street, Scott snapped the above photo of me while we we're poking around their local Anthropologie -- it turned out to be one of my favorite photos from our whole trip. 

And here's the view I was taking in!

We heard great things about Gray's, but since were both still stuffed from Loveless we decided to pass this time -- it'll definitely be on our list for next time, though! :)

White's Mercantile was one of our favorite stops while on 12 South, so we were excited to visit their new location in Franklin -- which was equally beautiful! I swear I could have taken the whole store home with me.

After finishing up at White's, we wandered around downtown Franklin a little more, stopped in at a few more shops and picked up some hot coffees at Frothy Monkey.  

We made one more stop during our time in Franklin, but I'll save that for another post! I'm already itching for another getaway -- good thing I'm headed to San Francisco this weekend! It may be for a work trip, but I can't wait to show you all what I'll be up to on Instagram (and Snapchat -- @chelseabirdd). Be back soon, friends! 

-Chelsea xo