June 13, 2009

In need of peace and quiet.

Today has just been one of those days where all I wanted was some peace and quiet, and of course I have yet to get some and it's almost midnight. 

This morning I went grocery shopping with mom and purchased a few things that I have been craving, including yogurt and garden burgers. Around three I went to Doghouse Espresso down the street and had a yummy hot skinny vanilla latte. It was nice just to be by myself and people watch for a little bit. I saw the cutest couple there, a young guy and girl that seemed to match together perfectly, enjoying a bagel and coffee together and it made me miss John Scott so much more. I honestly can't wait until I'm back in his arms. He really is my other half, my soulmate, and when we're apart for this long it's so hard on me because I miss him so much. The night was followed by a lot of people playing our Wii and yelling and screaming along with it, which is not what I wanted to be around in my desperation for silence. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go into Grand Junction just to spend some time away from the fam. It would be really nice to see my cousin and his wife, however, that live in Grand Junction. I'm hoping that if not tomorrow, then in two weeks I can have dinner with them/go to their cute house that I have yet to see.

All I want is to play Animal Crossing right now. Maybe later? Lets hope so.

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