June 14, 2009

I've said it once, I'll say it again, I'm not a fan of Sundays.
Today I got to thinking about all the special things I miss about home. I miss silly things like being able to find a vegetarian restaurant when I want one, and coffee shops that are open past noon. I also miss Trader Joe's and Whole Foods even though I don't go there often, I still greatly enjoy roaming the aisles of each and looking at all the yummy treats. I miss my car, and even though I have my mother's car out here to drive pretty much whenever I please, I still miss my little white Mazda3 hatchback that suits me so well. I miss my newly found, favorite yogurt shop, Yogurtland, and I miss Cupz and Crepes. Like I said, all of these things seem pretty silly however they are the things I do certainly miss.

On a lighter note, I haven't done much today. It's been a really slow, boring day. Jared and I did get Dairy Queen earlier and that kind of made me happy but at the time I was still upset that I just missed getting a latte by two minutes (they girl didn't even offer to make me anything as she brought in the patio furniture). Tomorrow is another day however and I'm excited to be going to Glenwood Springs. I plan on getting coffee and roaming their downtown area. I also need to find a birthday present for my friend Whitney who turns 21 in just a few short days! 

Ok, it's time to make my dinner (veggie burger and some caprese salad). 

The thing that I will always miss the most about home is John Scott Goodson<3

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