June 17, 2009

Picture blog/adventure day!

Today was a really good day.

I started my morning/early afternoon by going to get some Sbucks with my cousin Jared. A few hours later Jared and I hiked with a family friend and her granddaughter up to the graveyard where Doc Holliday is buried. The graveyard is super old/creepy. There were unmarked tombstones, and crazy paths that led to nowhere. Some of the tombstones dated back to the early 1800's. Holliday's grave itself was fenced in and had a giant flagpole beside it. On top of the grave lay a few things that people have left behind for him including money, rocks, Jim Beam, and a cigar. 

After quite a few photo-opts and some scary stories we headed back to the mountain. Once we made it to the truck we drove to Hotel Colorado where President Roosevelt once stayed and where the Teddy Bear was first made. We explored the old hotel, upstairs, downtstairs, the garden, and pathways we probably shouldn't have and took a few pictures along the way.

Before we headed back we decided to walk across the bridge to downtown to get a snack from Sacred Grounds (fav local coffee shop). For the last few days I have been eyeing these really amazing muffins so I decided to finally get one, while everyone else got ice cream. The muffin I got was a bran muffin with honey and a chai whipped topping. It was beyond yummy and I'm happy that I finally got one.

Delicious bran and honey muffin with a chai topping! Don't mind Jared's arm, he wouldn't move it.

The rest of the day went as followed:
Din din with momma at a Salvadorian restaurant (mmm chile rellenos, the best!)
Manicure with momma
Target/Sbucks with momma once again
And now this, blogging about my day.

Night night world!

there was supposed to be a ton of photos along with this blog but when I posted it with the pictures it cut all the pictures in half. I really need to get this figured out. Maybe tomorrow? Dissapointed!

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