July 19, 2009

10 Things i L O V E Sunday!

Is it Sunday already? Time for another 10 things that I love this week/have been inspiring me this week. Here it goes:

1. Cute cottages that I desperately want as my own:
2. Drinks out of Mason Jars:

3. Yellow purses (I saw a lady walking around with a yellow purse yesterday and i instantly fell in love with it. I'm hoping to pick one up at Target that I say earlier today on sale tomorrow!

4. Painting. Today I started on a painting (on wood) and I'm rather excited about it. This summer is bringing out parts of me that I always wished for, but never knew I had.

5. The thought of selling things at a Farmer's Market with my sunshine and friends in the fall. 

6. The thought of buying school supplies oh so soon! By the way, yes, I do know that I am 21 years of age but I still love buying/having cute school supplies.

7. Almost three weeks and counting....

8. Cute dresses!
9.  Getting my organize on!

10. This really awesome blog that has a great cause:

Other little thing that have made me happy yesterday and today are:

Cinnamon and raisin bagels with light cream cheese and skinny vanilla lattes on Saturday mornings:

& my first silly little cross stitch:

Chels xoxo

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