July 12, 2009

10 Things I Love Sunday

So I recently have heard of this concept of "10 Things I Love Sunday" where you pick 10 things every Sunday that you especially love/are interested in that last week. So here's my shot at "10 Things I Love Sunday":

1. John Scott Good (forever and always)
2. Cute felt projects
3. Boba tea (I'm seriously craving some so badly and I don't think they believe in it in CO because I can't find any here!)
4. Lomography fisheye cameras (I had one once, then my car was stolen and the camera along with it :[ )
5. The idea of going to see Harry Potter and Bruno soon!
6. Sketching in my sketch book (lots of inspirations have been zooming around in my head lately)
7. Celery with peanut butter on it
8. Iced coffee
9. Daily trips to Sbucks with my momma
10. Skyping with my love John Scott

Well that was fun.

More posts later!

xoxo Chels

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