July 21, 2009


Sunday morning I left Gunnison, Colorado and headed back to Grand Junction (the city my summer pretty much revolves around). That afternoon I went shopping for craft supplies at Michaels, and made a few stops along the way (Borders, natural food market, sunglass shop). Afterwards I worked on a few of craft projects and just hung out the rest of the night.

Monday my cousin Jared and I went to go get me coffee at my fav coffee shop in downtown Grand Junction. He let me sit for awhile outside and just enjoy the nice breeze that was flying by around 10 a.m. Afterwards we went to the mall where he bought a new pair of sneakers (Jordan's? He's obsessed with Nikes!) and I bought cute school supplies. 

Around 1 p.m. we went and saw Bruno at the movie theater across the street from the mall. We had both been really wanting to see Bruno, but about 5 minutes into the movie I knew I didn't really want to see it anymore but it was too late to back out so I sat through around 2 hours of very vulgar, yet funny at times, humor and covered my eyes a lot haha. Later on that evening my family and I went to eat at a Chinese Buffet, and then to see Harry Potter, which I loved!

Today, Tuesday, Jared and I got up bright and early and made it to a Starbucks by 8 a.m. for Free Pastry Day! I was really worried that there would be a super long line and we wouldn't end up getting our free pastry, but it turns out not as many people as you would think knew about the deal around here and we only had to wait for two other customers to place their orders. Here is what Jared and I got, Jared: stawberries and cream frap with a slice of lemon pound cake, Myself: skinny vanilla latte and a bran muffin with apple and cherry bites in it. My muffin was super yummy and I will definitely be having another one sometime in the future.

The rest of the day was filled with running errands and working.

Here is a few pictures to sum up my last few days:

Cute school supplies (pens, pencils, paper, recycle chip bag folders and pencil holders (one for me, one for scott) and my new fav yellow purse that I got for 15 bucks!

Letter from my great Uncle George to my Great Uncle Wolf from 1989 that mentions how my mom and I just visited him (letter borrowed from my Uncle Pete). Letter included a very large family tree that dates back to the 1500's and states that one of our ancestors came over on the Mayflower, and my Great Uncle Wolf's arm discharge papers. This was very cool to look at and I just had a to take a photo of it all together.

Free Pastry Day!

The man that holds the key to my heart. My sunshine John Scott Goodson<3

Lastly, Scott bought me this beautiful Minolta film camera from Goodwill today for 4 dollars. I am more than excited to use it and so thankful that my baby thought of me when he saw it!

Ok, I am beyond tired. Goodnight.

Chels xoxo

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