July 8, 2009

Holy Cute!

Holy cuteness it's been a long time since I've done a proper update, so here it goes. Two weeks ago I visited the not so lovely Clifton, Colorado with the fam. That week was spent with many trips to Target/Finish Line (for my baby cousin who is obsessed with colorful Nikes/Jordans. We also went and saw Transformers that Saturday at a extremely expensive movie theater that didn't except student discounts (WTH everybody in AZ excepts those! Don't they know college students are poor!). The movie was pretty good, I have to admit thought that I've never seen the first one all the way through so it was a bit hard for me to follow but I think in the end I got the jist of it.

The following Monday we went our separate ways and my parents and I went to the charming city of Paonia, Colorado, while Jared and his dad went to Meeker, Colorado. Paonia is a super tiny town where everybody knows everybody and you can walk to basically everywhere in town. Lots of my time that week was spent in an adorable coffee shop called BackCountry Coffee. It was this adorable, brightly colored coffee shop that was built in an old house. They had the best wood floors, and really great coffee. I love that everyday I came in and ordered a 20 oz skinny vanilla latte the owner would always ask me whether I wanted 3 or 4 shots in it with no extra charger if I chose 4, so of course I always chose 4 and was buzzing for most of the day. There really cute cherry festival was going on that week and I was able to browse around some of the stands they had set up. I bought the cutest handmade copper ring from a lady that was selling a sweet collection of jewlery/rocks. 

Last week I also went to pick cherries at a sweet organic farm, and also another time in someones backyard (I swear I had permission!) I also got to do a little shopping at the organic farmers market and ended up with a sweet reusable bag and a some other goodies.

Here's a few pictures from Paonia:

This week I am in the not so lovely Rifle, Colorado. I'm really bummed that this town does not have as much charm as the others we've been visiting but I'm here nonetheless. All I've done the last few days here is go to the grocery store (I wish they had City Market in PHX), eat yummy chinese food, and hang out at Starbucks which is were I currently am.

That is all for now. I'm off to create it!
xoxo Chels


  1. I love all the photos! Glad you moved to blogspot :)

  2. Thank you Heather!

    Hey, I'm still not invited to read your blog! Get on that girl! haha