July 31, 2009

New blog header photo!

New header photos call for special blogs to say thank you to my one and only, john scott goodson for creating this beautiful picture for my blog. I'm such a lucky girl. I couldn't have asked for a better person in my life<3

On a side note, today I went to the mall with my mom and Jared and was thrilled when i discovered that there was a boba tea shop there! Jared loves boba too so we each got one. I got just a regular peach tea with boba in it and Jared got a green apple smoothie with boba in it! They were both super yummy and I'm thinking we might have to go again tomorrow if we have time.

On another side note,  I met a band by the name of Shinedown tonight. Apparently they are pretty big and everyone in the area seemed to know who they were except me. From the few minutes that I had to listen to their music they appear to be similiar to Puddle of Mud? Correct me if I'm wrong. 

Also, I want one of these cute decals from RVA:

Chels xoxo

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