July 8, 2009

Photos, music, and paintings.

Here is a few more pictures from the last few weeks (Clifton/Grand Junction and Paonia):

Yummy, yummy Greek salad a bagel shop in downtown Grand Junction.
Fav coffee house in Grand Junction.

Hand picked cherries. So, sooo good.
We also had a bbq last week and I ate ALL of the ice cream:

Ok, so I didn't eat ALL of the ice cream but it really looks like it!

Yesterday I stumbled upon a wonderful artist named Elsie Cakes and fell in love with all her art work/crafts. I started reading her blog and instantly felt compelled to write in mine. Here is some of her art work that I love, and wouldn't mind having a copy of:

Oh, and this is me this morning. I look so sleepy....

On a side note, an older man just came up to me and asked me how much I like my Macbook and contiued to explain to me how he just got his wife a MacBook and how they are just wonderful. Awwwwh, I love people, especially older people who love Macs!

One last thing! Music I'm currently obsessed with:
Anarbor- Free Your Mind LP
Campfire Kansas- The Get Up Kids (reunion tour? heck yes!)
Austin Gibbs- Austin Gibbs EP
Rilo Kiley- Under The Blacklight
Copeland- You Are My Sunshine

xoxo Chels

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