July 9, 2009

Thank you John Scott.

My lovely boyfriend John Scott edited my photo on the top of my blog a bit and i LOVE it! Thank you sunshine. The photo was a lovely present to find on his photobucket. Along with this photo however was also a photo, or painting shall I say, of his own. This photo is of a painting he did back around May of 2007 for a show he had at The Coffee Buzz in Ahwatukke. I love the way he edited the photo and because I know he wouldn't mind ( :] love you honey) I'm going to display it. 

In other news, my wonderful boyfriend also sent me a little package that absolutely made my day/week/month. The contents included:

Key ring topper! the "LO" is half of a LO-VE set and John Scott has the other half!
Cute decorated book that includes the sweetest notes<3
Photos taken on our sweet vintage film camera that he is taking care of for the summer!

Cupcake bandages that included a free cupcake sticker! Oh he knows me so well :]

Yesterday I also made a purchase that I'm super excited about. I found a reusable cold drink Starbucks cup at the Sbucks in town and just had to buy it, followed by two more for my parents. I have been looking for this cup since May and I'm excited to use it. It goes nicely with my reusable hot drink cup that Gina got me for my bday! Oh, and I also purchased this sweet bag from an organic farmer's market last week. I'm really trying to "go green" and loving it.

Today has been a very long day and I'm very ready for bed. Today has been spent sipping coffee, and working on felt cozies of all kinds!

xoxo Chels

ps. love of my life<3

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