July 22, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday!

I got the idea for wishlist Wednesday from elsie cakes's blog, but then I saw Lindsay had also had her own wishlist Wednesday blog day today so I figured I might as well it give it a wack.


1. To be home with my sunshine (only 3 more weeks!)
2. A boba tea (will be getting one asap when I get home.)
3. Dresses!
4. Lens cover for my DSLR because i finally broke mine after years of dropping it.
5. More craft supplies.
6. To see "500 days of summer".
7. A skinny hazelnut latte (like right now!)
8. To see my grandma ( 3 more weeks!)
9. Cute oxford shoes.
10. This boy (right now!):



  1. Aw I didn't even think about the idea "Wishlist Wednesday!" Good idea :)

  2. I want to see 500 Days of Summer sooooo badly! I hope someone will drive an hour to Orlando to see it with me, since thats the closest theatre showing it :(

  3. Is that a Godspeed shirt Scott is wearing?!

  4. L- Thank you :]

    Heather- I hope you find someone to go with you girl :]

    Nikki- Yes it is haha He got it at Urban!