August 2, 2009

10 Things i L O V E Sunday!

Here I am in Logan, Utah, sitting in the most beautiful park with the greenest grass. I'm hoping this upcoming week is going to be a good one. I have a few friends that live in this town and I'm hoping to get to see all of them while I'm here. Tomorrow I believe I have a boba date with my friend Kate! She's the sweetest/cutest girl you'll ever meet and I'm excited to see her!

Ok, here's my ten for the week:

1 & 2 are combined into one cute picture:
I love Starbucks (skinny vanilla latte's please!) and Blythe dolls ( I want one but they're so darn expensive!)

3. Logan, Utah. This town in beautiful and I'm happy to be here.

4. Buffalo plaid! I bought the cutest buffalo plaid shirt the other day and I'm so excited to pair it with some leggings and black boots!

5. Wardrobe remixes! I really want to start one! Maybe when I get home?

6. This cute skeleton sticker from RVA that I would love to have so i cute put it on the back of my itouch:
7. This cute sketch that Scott did for my blog header:
8. This blog dedicated to photos and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen:

9. This cute leather jacket from Urban. I love leather jackets, and boughten two different ones, but have taken both back. Hopefully I'll find one someday that I really love:
10. And last but not least, give me vegan cupcakes (Gina pleasssse make me your amazing vegan cupcakes when I get home<3) :

Ok, time to work on some crafts!

Chels xoxo

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