August 9, 2009

10 Things i L O V E Sunday!

Has it really been a whole week since I last blogged?! My apologies dears, it's been a busy week. 

Anyways, I spent the last week in Logan, Utah. Logan is located about 60ish miles outside of Salt Lake City and is a big town with little city charm. I spent the most of the week hanging out at Borders/Starbucks, and making things. I had a few plans with my friend Kate but none of them seem to work out, which was ok because she ended up coming to visit me on Thursday night with all of her friends! That was the only day I got to see her unfortunately, she was having a rough week and didn't have much free time, but I'm so happy I got to at least spend a little time with her.

Friday I worked all day long, and just when I was done with work a got a text from my good friend Chase saying he was in town and coming to visit me! So I spent a few hours hanging out with Chase and his best friend Cade and Cade's little brother. 

Saturday was yet again another long work day, but at the end of it Chase came to visit me again and I got to see his sweet new Harley. 

All in all it was a pretty good week. It was really great to see my friends that I usually only get to see once or twice a year. 

Ok, now it's on to my 10 things for this week, GO:

1. Coffee flavored frozen yogurt. Earlier I bought some at Smith's and I have to say it was deliciousss!

2. 15 dollar, grey Old Navy jackets! I'm in love with the one I just bought! Such a good deal!

3. My new drink-coffee-less plan! Let's see how it works. I'm gonna try one week no coffee, and then when I'm at the airport next Sunday I'll get some Sbucks! Greatttt plan!

4. This adorable picture of Zooey Deschannel and Ben Gibbard<3 

5. The idea that in about a month pumpkin spice is coming back to Starbucks! Ahhh can't wait!

6. This photo of Ashley Olsen:

7. This local (PHX area) girl's handmade clothing/headbands, check out her site:

8. How my lovely boyfriend decorates his work apron<3:

9. These lovely Steve Madden boots:

10. The fact that I just booked a flight from Pocatello to Salt Lake to Phoenix for the 16th! Ahhh so, so excited! I will officially be back in Phoenix at exactly 5:25 pm. I have been waiting for this day for so long and I'm so excited that it's almost here. Oh, and I'm almost positive I will be back in John Scott's arms by 5:26 FYI<3

Chels xox0


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  1. I say big ex-o on the #3! Coffee= ♥ :) hehe.
    #9- sweeeet boots! totally jealous haha.