August 23, 2009

Wow, i've already been home a whole week!

That's right, as of today I've been back in lovely Phoenix, Arizona for a whole week and I honestly couldn't be happier!

Last Sunday I flew, on a very, very small plane, from Pocatello, Idaho to Salt Lake City, UTah. After a bumpy ride, a walk across the tarmack, and a starbucks run I was back on a much larger plane that was headed towards Phoenix. About an hour and a half later I was off the plane and speed walking through the terminal I was back in the arms of my love and everything virtually felt right in the world again. I can't even explain the feeling when Scott and I are finally reunited after having spent such a long time apart. All I can say is he makes my heart swoon and feel absolutely complete. <3

Anyways, after being reunited with my 81 year old grandma not too long afterwards the feeling of actually being home sunk in and I felt overjoyed and so blessed to finally be home.

The rest of the week went like this:

•time with my love
•took car to my mechanic to get a new battery/oil change
•coffee bean & target at TM
•shopping at chandler mall
•visited Scott's mom
•kisses, kisses, & more kisses

•Breakfast at Cupz with Scott
•Drove down to ASU downtown get my books
•Drove to ASU Tempe to buy last book, didn't have it, had a mini melt down
•Had lunch at the MU
•Had yummy
•Later on went shopping with my gma

•Breafast with my love
•Had my car washed/cleaned at Danny's carwash at TM
•Got an iced coffee with Scott at Coffee Bean
•Saw 500 days of summer and lovvvvvved it so much!
•Bought a few cute things at Levi's for a great deal
•Went shopping with my gma again and had a dinner at Mimi's

•Went with Scott to his physical therapy
•Went on a bike ride (Scott's first since his accident) through the neighborhood
•Went to see Gina's new apartment and walked to Three Roots and had a super yumm iced skinny vanilla latte.
•Went to the ASU thing with Scott at Target and received a free goodie bag

•Made breakfast with Scott/got coffee together from Lilo's Coffee
• Walk through South Mountain with my love
•Target run with Gina and Liz for stuff for their new apartment
•Last minute decision to go see Taking Back Sunday with Whitney and Jessica

•Target run with Scott
•Coffee/tea at Gold Bar
•Urban browsing
•Lunch with Scott, Lindsay, Brian, and baby Emerson
•Walk around ASU Tempe campus
•Buffalo Exchange
•Tempe Bicycle
•Walk around Maple Ash area
•Back to Scott's to rest for a few
•Drove downtown for the Sparky's carnival at Taylor place (free food, games, giveaways, and a photobooth!)
•Drove back to Tempe to see Austin Gibbs and friends a Madcap theater

& lastly, Sunday:
•Farmer's market with Scott<3
•A bunch of silly running around
•Art time with my love
•Made dinner together afterwards (eggplant baked lasagna, spaghetti squash, and french bread!)
•Went on a little walk and came home to get ready for my big day tomorrow!

Wowowowowo that was long! I've had an amazing week though and I just had to share with you all. Picture post soon.

First day of class tomorrrow! Ecccccck. Getting Starbucks before hand and buying my last book. Goodnight!

Chels xoxo

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  1. I LOVE when they give out free stuff to college kids! Remember when we got all that free Stride gum? haha good times.

    Let's get together, ya ya ya! I'm SO excited for pumpkin spice to make a comeback. It's delish!