September 28, 2009

Big post as I promised!

Wow, this weekend was wonderful!

Friday I:
  • went to Cartel with Scott to have our weekly Friday morning coffee.
  • went to my internship and got a lot of work done.
  • went to DQ to get a blizzard to share!
  • went to the Mill's End poetry slam with my love where he bought me a yummy English Breakfast tea<3
Saturday I:
  • did lots of homework at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  • curled my hair for the first time in a very long time.
  • went to Khols, had dinner at Arribas, and went to ikea with my love and his little sister.
  • went to a neighborhood park and played on the swings.
Sunday I:
  • got up super early (for a Sunday)!
  • went on a bike ride/had a breakfast picnic with my love, Lindsay, Brian, and baby Emerson.
  • took lots of cute photos!
  • made a trip to home depot for some wood for a project for Em's first birthday!
  • went with my love to a local bowling alley and watched him, his dad, and his little sister play a game.
  • ate lunch at Wildflower Bread Co. with my love.
  • looked around Changing Hands bookstore, Hoodlums music store, and Trader Joe's.
  • went back to Lindsay and Brian's place to do a little music swapping.
  • hit up Savers with my love and found an amazing wooden coffee table, cute piece of luggage, a wooden frame, and a framed needlepoint piece!
  • ate a super yummy dinner/did homework with my love once again.
Sorry for the strange outline, but I kind of think it works! 
Now on to the pictures:

Mmmm Cartel coffee!

Ice cream in my car!

We're silly :]

At Mill's End for the poetry slam!

Scott's little sister took this picture of us at the park (sorry it's blurry!).

Breakfast picnic goodies + a fall gord! Emerson was playing with the pumpkin at the time!

He loves the camera!

Sweetest baby I know!

Sweetest baby he knows! :]

True love<3

Our bikes! Scott has my pink lunch bag hooked to his book rack!

My sunshine, and Lindsay's bike!

Lindsay and baby Em!

Thanks honey!

Lots of cute things in my bag!

Our cute thermos' from ikea! They worked so well and kept our coffee and tea steaming hot!

My sunshine!

Scott re-arranged some of his art work so we could fit the most recent painting he did for me (the amazing trees that just feels like fall!), and for the amazing needlepoint piece he bought me at Savers! All other paintings pictured area also Scott's work! 

Tonight I also wanted to bring attention to my friend Lindsay's etsy shop! She makes super cute crochet headbands, bows, and cute rings! Everyone should check out her shop! Oh, and she also has a blog, which I will link as well, but right now it's under construction so look back in a few days to check out all her blog goodness!

Ok, time for bed!

Chels xoxo


  1. Im quite jealous of those thermos'. Theyre adorable! &you are so cute! &I love your cozy.
    There is a lot of things I really love about this entry!

  2. Awh, thanks so much Jaelynn! I am quite fond of our new thermos' and can't wait to use them more! Oh, and a friend of mine that lives in Maryland made me that cozy! I've made a few myself since I've received that one, but it's still my favorite!


  3. I adore the last photo you posted! The hue of the colors are intense and so bold. And, I love the teal :)

    Your weekend seemed like a ball and quite the adventure!

  4. Im such a coffee enthusiast as well. I actually work for starbucks and I cant stand the corporate stentch that its overwhelmed with. So I find myself escaping to so many small independent coffee shops all over socal. Currently, (because it changes quite often with me) my favorite drinks are vanilla chai lattes and pumpkin spice lattes. Theyre just so perfect for the colder weather thats finally creeping up! Oh, and I didnt take the picture, a friend of mine sent it to me and told me that it reminded her of me. I thought it was cute. :)

  5. Caroline-
    Thanks girl! My friend Lindsay actually took it of herself and her son. The teal is the color of a picnic table at a local park!

    My weekend was pretty wonderful! :] Hope you had a great one as well!

    I know how you feel about Starbucks. I prefer going to local coffee shops, but since I have a Sbux so close to school (a block in-between my parking garage and school) sometimes it is necessary to get my espresso fix from there! I also am quite partial to their pumpkin spice lattes so I enjoy going there to get them (often!).

    My current fav drinks are hot skinny vanilla lattes and iced dirty chais (alwayssssss)!

    That's neat that your friend sent you that photo! It's super cute :]