September 16, 2009

Blasting "Daisy" by Brand New....

Recap of the last few days:

  Friday Scott and I hung out, spent a little time at Lindsay's and Brians, switched vehicles with them so they could take Scott's Pilot to Cali, went to the Mill's End poetry slam (so much fun!), and then back home for the both of us.

  Saturday morning Scott and I went on a walk around South Mountain. There was a lovely breeze and it wasn't blistering hot outside for once. We are both very much looking forward to more walks in the near future. 

  Saturday night Gina and I hung out and went to eat at Pita Jungle. After dinner we spent some time music swapping/internet browsing. I ended up with A Fine Frenzy's new album Bomb in a birdcage, which is absolutely amazing and I can't stop listening to it (thanks Gina), and I was introduced to this silly/addicting video by Cobra Starship (thanks again Gina):

Sunday I was able to spend a little time with Scott before he went to work. We went to the Coffee buzz and had coffee and shared a yummy bagel (tomatoes, pesto, and cream cheese!). Later that afternoon Gina and I walked from her apartment to Cartel and enjoyed some delicious iced teas. I also tried to teach Gina how to crochet, and she definitely got the hang of it! I'm so excited for her to start crocheting so we can have crochet, and knitting parties together!

Monday I had my one class, and then I went over to Scott's so we could do a little grocery shopping for dinner. We also picked up Scott's truck from Brian and Lindsay's and made a Michael's run and found a million different things we wanted to buy but didn't have the money to spend on ($20 stamps, oh my!).

Yesterday was my long day at school, and I got to spend a little time with Scott before he went to work. The rest of the day was spent concentrating on the mass amount of homework that I had.

Today I had my one class in the morning, and then I hit up the Starbucks in Taylor Place for a grand skinny vanilla latte before I headed out to Tempe for my internship. Today was my second day there and everything went really well. I got all my emails sent out, and even got started on a few writing assignments. I'm starting to get the know the staff there better, and becoming more comfortable in my work atmosphere. Even though it's only been two days, I'm already starting to feel like I really belong there.

Tomorrow is my long day at school, and afterwards Scott and I are going to spend some time together. We also might be going on a bike ride with Brian, Lindsay, and baby Em.

Friday I really want to go to Mill's End poetry slam and work on a few crafts.
I will leave you with a few inspirational photos, and a few of  my own from the last week or two...

Bike ride!

The godfather and his godson (in almost matching flannel shirts! so cute!)

Using the mini-tripod Scott gave me for Christmas.

Scott and I's three year anniversary is coming up next month and I've told him all I want is for someone to take pictures of us together. I've been browsing a few blogs lately and have come across these lovely photos and would love to re-create some of them. This is the style I'm going for...

(This is similar to a photo I took of Scott and I about two years ago.)

Is it Fall yet? I'm waiting every so impatiently!


  1. i agree!
    she's such a good actress, too.
    in my opinion.

    have fun with getting your pictures made.
    i bet they'll be lovely!

  2. You and your bf are SO cute. Also, what do you usually get at Pita Jungle? :)