September 4, 2009

Morning coffee dates!

This morning Scott and I went on a cute little coffee date at Cartel (coffee lab). We drank super yummy drinks, non-fat latte and a cappuccino, and talked about the art hanging on the walls. We also took a few photos that I would love to share with you:

My love sipping away...


Ohhh hai this is how I always drink coffee!

Pretty foam art on Scott's drink.

I HAD pretty foam art, but I drank a bit of my latte before I got the camera out and the foam art had already been destroyed. Boooo!

I really adore taking photos if you can't tell....

Oh, and a few nights ago Scott and I went to visit Gina at work at took these silly photos:

Oh, and can you tell how excited I am about pumpkin spiced lattes being back at Sbux!

After Scott and I's coffee date this morning we ran a few errands, had lunch at Mimis' cafe with my grandma, and then I drove two and a half hours up to Flagstaff to spend time with my family for the weekend. Hopefully I'll have some time to do homework while I'm up here.

Goodnight loves!
Chels xoxo


  1. you're so adorable.
    i love your hair!

  2. Chelsea,
    you and Scott are adorable ^.^

    I ♥ reading your blog.

    See you class Tuesday!