September 22, 2009

Quick hello!

  The last week has been super busy, but super fun at the same time! My weekends have been amazing (bike rides along Tempe Beach park, Mill's End poetry slam, hang time with my love and friends, and cool weather FINALLY!) and my week days just as good!

  Today is the first day of fall, and I couldn't be happier! I started my morning by taking a new route to school. Even with all the traffic lights I made it to school 15ish minutes earlier than I usually do and had time to grab a tall skinny vanilla latte before class (morning coffee to ring in fall? yes, please!). Anyways, all my classes went well, and I had lunch in the student center and got some homework done. 

  After school I came home and starting working on a poetry analysis and had a little snack. Around 6 p.m. I headed over to Scott's so we could drive together to Brian and Lindsay's, so that we could all drive together to Qdoba where we had dinner (buy one get one free!). After dinner we spent some time at a Goodwill and Scott and I ended up leaving with a set of vintage flower print sheets, and a bag of yarn (burnt sienna and white!). 

Now I'm at home and need to go to sleep. Tomorrow I have class in the morning, and then my internship until four. More blogging to come soon (tomorrow perhaps?). For now I leave you with these photos:

Chels xoxo


  1. ahhh!! Sorry I didn't make it to Mill's End!

  2. what do you intern for?
    i've heard you mention it before, but i guess i've missed what you said you do.

  3. Nikki- It's ok! I was wondering what happened to you though :]

    Lydia- I have a writing internship in the media relations department at the engineering school at Arizona State University. I go to ASU, but I'm a Journalism major, not an engineering major :] Thanks for asking girl!