September 24, 2009

Thursday nights are made for English Breakfast tea and warm sweaters.

  Here I am, in my favorite coffee shop (The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) sipping hot English Breakfast tea and taking a break from my studies. I'm currently working on a whole list of things to do for school i.e. murder story for JMC 201, a poetry analysis of a poem by Adrienne Rich for ENG 204, but that's not where what I'm here to talk about. I have lovely thoughts, pictures, and stories to share!

  To start off, I just want to say that today was one of those days where I  just thought about how happy I am that my major is journalism, and how I  know it is for me. In high school I struggled with what I "wanted to do when I grew up", even though I always knew I wanted to be a writer, but never thought it was actually a possibility. Here I am though, in my fourth year of college and writing articles for school and my internship almost every day. 

  I know everyone says this is a tough degree to get, but I know it will be so worth it in the end. I was given the ability to write well for a reason.

  Anyways, on to other things that are floating around in my mind. Last week Scott started using the old, but wonderful, sewing machine that his nana gave to him and two years ago. Since then he has surprised me with a lovely bag that he made out of his two favorite shirts (they were a little worn out so he felt he could part with them and turn them into something new for me), and an amazing apron out of this vintage sheet set that we bought at Goodwill Monday night. He's really getting good at sewing and is currently working on a other projects, but I can't wait to get my hands on the sewing machine so I can make something for him (I already have something in mind, and all the fabric cut out, I just need some alone time with the machine). 

  Here are a few pictures of the bag (very blurry and dark. Sorry!), and the amazing apron along with the crochet slouchy beret that i just finished making a few nights ago:

I will take a better picture of it and post it soon!

It has four pockets, one being for pens!

Back detail! The straps are made out of leftover fabric from ikea curtains.

Crochet detail!

Scott had to be involved in the photo taking fun! He's just so cute!

  This week has been pretty great! All my classes are going well, and my internship is going great. On Wednesday they had a "Dogs (and Cat) Days of Summer" party and they had had yummy cupcakes that looked like puppy dogs! I've already had two things published on the Ira. A Fulton Schools of Engineering website and I have many more to come!

  Tomorrow Scott and I are going to have our weekly morning coffee at Cartel, and then I will be at my internship until one. Hopefully tomorrow night we will go to the Mill's End poetry slam (3rd week in a row!) and maybe get some froyo.

  Oh, and did I mention that Scott and I picked up "Daisy" by Brand New last night at Best Buy! I have been waiting for this CD since 2006 and am happy that they finally put out some new music. Brand New has been one of my favorite bands since early high school days, and will forever have a place in my heart. If you haven't checked out their new CD I highly suggest you either go pick it up at your local record store, or listen to it in its entirety on their myspace.

  For now I will leave you with a few images that I have found just adorable lately:

GINA if you're reading this, you should show Elizabeth this picture. When I found it I instantly thought of her. She knows why :]
I love my sweeeetie pie!
Owls are just so darn cute!

I'm in love with this quote, anybody know where it came from?

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday night!

Chels xoxo


  1. What a darling and sweet love you two share. It's so freakin' cute that he sews you things! I love it!

  2. Thank you so much Danielle! Scott is more then I could have ever hoped for and I feel so lucky to have him in my life! Next month is our three year anniversary! I'm so excited :)

    Oh, and also, I don't think I've ever said this to you before but it seems that you and your husband share a similiar love, and that you two just seem like you were made for one another.

    Ps I love that he sews me things too. He makes me feel so special.

  3. first off, it's adorable that your man sewed you a bag! my husband made a set of our curtains out of IKEA textiles but now sewing required, just an iron. lol. and I love both the apron and the slouchy beret. kudos!

    I took some journalism classes at my previous college and loved them. Nothing is ever to hard to get if you want it bad enough. :)

    I'm going to have to check out the most recent Brand New album! I'm so glad you mentioned it. I loved their second album Deja Entendu, but that was years ago... so I'm gonna have to get with the times.

  4. i love that quote, too.
    i've heard it and seen it, all over the place, but i've never found who said it.
    those words really have come in handy for me, though.

    your bf is so skilled! that's really neat.
    and i love that beret.
    you did a really, really good job.
    i need to learn to do something like that.

  5. Hi Jennifer! I think it's so neat that your husband made your curtains! I will have to tell my boyfriend about that idea! I'm sure he will love it. Also, thank you for your sweet comments on the apron and the slouchy beret! :]

    That's aweome that you took some journalism classes! I think the things that you learn in those classes will stay with you for the rest of your life.

    I also think that it's a great idea that you check out BN newest cd! I would also suggest checking out the cd that came out inbetween the Deja Entendu and Daisy. It's called The Devil and God Raging Inside of Me and it's wonderful!

    Lydia- Thank you for the sweet comments! You should try crocheting out! It's a lot of fun!

    & yes, that quote is quite powerful! :]

  6. hi!! okay, I LOVE your blog! you are just the cutest thing ever :]
    I love love love that "Owl you need is love" picture! Owl are pretty much amazing.

    thanks for following my blog, I'm following yours now too!

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  8. Miss Indie-
    For starters, thanks so much for the sweet compliments! I absolutely adore your blog so it's an honor to have you following me :]

    I definitely agree with you that owls are amazing! I've shared a love for them for a very long time (when I was young people used to tell me that they were a sign of death and bad luck, but I just couldn't agree with them!).

    Now that we're following each others blogs we should definitely keep in touch!

    Chels xoxo

    PS I'm kind of obsessed with your etsy! Huge fan of your cowls! They are so beautiful!

  9. Sewing fun! :)
    I just recently got myself a new (well, new to me) machine and can't wait to break it in.

    It makes me feel like my creative possibilities are endless now!

    Thanks for the follow though!
    I really like your blog and am following too :)

  10. Hi ElizabethJane!

    Thanks for following! I think your blog is really cute!

    What kind of sewing machine did you get? Have any ideas for your first project in mind? :]