October 4, 2009

Coffee, sew, crochet, study, repeat!

  It's Sunday evening and I'm sitting at home watching Casper. What are you doing?

  Anyways, this morning I got kind of early and went over to Scott's so we could spend some time together before he went to work all day. He made us coffee (we bought yummy coffee from World Trade Market and have been enjoying it for a couple of weeks now), and I made us oatmeal with bananas. After breakfast I decided to take over our sewing machine. Now, it's been about a year since I last really worked on a sewing project so I thought I would cut myself a little slack and not feel too bad if I messed up. The result:

  It's a little bag for Scott to wear on his belt to put his phone, keys, wallet, ipod, etc. in when he's riding is bike. There will eventually be a button closure on the front, and straps on the back so he can slide his belt through. I realized half way into it all the things I should have done differently i.e. sewing so that no seems would be showing. Oh well though, he likes it! :]

  After Scott left for work I decided to go visit my friend Gina at her work, Starbucks! Gina was so kind enough to give me a free pumpkin spice latte (THANK YOU GINA!), and we chatted a little bit about Ray bans and coffee mugs until I left to go start my homework.

  The drive home was beautiful. I had the windows down, 84 degree weather blowing in my hair, a pumpkin spice latte in my hand, and Stars singing in my ears. I had one of those moments where you just feel infinite and that everything in the world is right. It was a beautiful couple of minutes.

  The rest of the morning/afternoon was spent doing mass amounts of homework and playing with my dog. 

  This evening my grandma and I went to eat at Red Robin. I had my usually, a garden burger, and my stomach definitely felt better afterwards (I was so hungry!).

  Tonight I am going to continue to do homework and maybe make a few more of these guys:

  I started working on these awhile ago, but just haven't had the time to make more since I've been so busy. Lately it seems there is a granny square epidemic going around! Everyone is making them! I can't blame them though, they are really cute. All I need is five more and I'll have an adorable scarf! Oh, and all the  yarn I used is thrifted! Got to love dollar yarn from Goodwill!

  Here's a few silly pictures from the last two days as well:

  More craft posts to come in the near future! Promise!

Chels xoxo


  1. aw i love your squares! great colors :) red robin-----amazing!

  2. casper? omg i love that movie.

    i love that little pouch you made, what a great idea! it looks awesome


  3. Thanks Kasey and cupcake cutie! I had a lot of fun making the granny sqaures and the pouch! :]

  4. I'm making a granny square scarf too! Granny squares are so fun to make!