October 8, 2009

Fall favorites!

  Since fall is my favorite season, I thought I would compile a list of my favorite fall things to share with you. The list goes like this:


Cardigans and sweaters! These are a must have for me during fall and I seriously can't get enough of them!

Leather boots:
Oxfords (I own these beauties!) :


Pumpkin spice lattes:
Pumpkin bread:


Bon Iver
The Early November
Iron & Wine
Ben Kweller

  Today was quite nice. I had class for the most of the day, then Scott and I had a Starbucks date. I got a skinny vanilla latte, and he got an americano. I've been really wanting to try their pumpkin scones, so we shared one. 

  Afterwards we went to Chandler mall and did a little shopping. I ended up getting a very cute blue dress, and Scott got a very nice blue pull-over sweater. 

  In the morning I have my internship, and then Scott and I are going to have lunch (possibly at Bison Witches), and go to Urban Outfitters. Around three we are going to go with Brian, Lindsay, and Em to look at cute houses in the Maple-Ash area of Tempe.

  Ok, time for sleep! Hope you enjoyed my list!

Chels xoxo


  1. I adore all your favorite fall things!!! Fall is my favorite season too and I llloovvveee music with that fall time feel. I found your blog when you won (yay!!) Danielle's nail polish giveaway, I am now following...I hope you don't mind!

  2. amen to literally every single thing you posted! especially bon iver and leather boots!! <3 fall is the best season!

  3. Seriously, you are SO lucky that Scott shops with you!
    Raffy is like a little kid in the store. He HATES shopping, especially for clothing.

  4. Sandy- I am so glad that you're following me now! The more the merrier! :) I'm so glad that you love fall as well! It's the best!

    Marisa- I completely agree with you! :)

    Nikki- That's so funny about Raf! Scott kind of loves clothes shopping. :)