October 31, 2009

Happppy Halloween!

  Happy Halloween!

  Tonight Scott, Gina, Amanda, Zane, Eric, and I went to the Arizona State Fair. The night consisted of riding rides, playing games, eating, and taking pictures! 

  Here is our night in pictures:

Scott won me this cute donkey with a flower in its mouth<3
Scott and Zane went on this really scary ride.

Scott and Zane are up there somewhere.
They also went on this drop ride.
&&&& it's falling.

Scott ate a HUGE corndog.
The girls!

Gina and I!

Gina and I also went to the ASU homecoming block party on the Tempe campus today. My work buddy Chase took these pictures of us!

& Scott and I played with baby Emerson Jude yesterday!

Silly boys!

Bahaha I love this shot!

We were playing with wooden blocks!

We also carved pumpkins two on Thursday.

Hello Kitty bow? Kind of haha

Scott's pumpkin looks so sweet!



Chels xoxo

My dog Jake says Happy Halloween!


  1. haha! Scott's corn dog looks like it has a FACE!

  2. Such great pictures! "Emerson Jude" ... loooove that name!!!