October 23, 2009

A little late, but here it is-written on Friday night. More to come<3

Exactly three years from tomorrow (Saturday, 10-24-09) Scott asked me to be his girlfriend in the parking lot of a dorm building off of Apache and Rural in Tempe, Arizona. It was a special night, because that night we made it official and it has been the same way ever since.

Today Scott and I did our anniversary festivities because most of our day tomorrow will be spent at little Emerson Jude's first birthday party.

We had our usual Friday morning coffee together at three roots. I had an iced coffee and even got a yogurt and granola parfait (the best!). I also gave Scott a small part of his anniversary present, carrot cupcakes and a fall trail mix jar! They both were delicious!

After I got done with my internship, which went really well today, I went over to Scott's house and did a little painting. More to come on that soon. Afterwards we went to Target and did some shopping for a certain baby boy, and then went home to exchange anniversary presents.

WARNING: our anniversary seems to be our favorite day of the year and we always spend way more than we should, but we love each other and have fun spoiling one anther.

Anyways, I gave Scott one of his presents first. It was....drum roll please.....a RECORD PLAYER:

He has been eyeing this same one for months now and I just had to get it for him. 

Scott gave me his present to me next. He handed me a beautiful bag that I realized was made out of this vintage pillowcase he had bought at Goodwill. It is a beautiful bag and I'm so excited to carry it<3>

All my wonderful presents<3

My beautiful Tiffany's charm!
I wonder what it could be....
 Oh, and yes we did buy each other almost the EXACT same card. I swear we share the same brain<3

Before I continue I just have to say that I feel incredibly blessed to have received all of these amazing things, and even more blessed to have Scott in my life. He is more than I could have every hoped and dreamed for in a partner.

Anyways, I gave Scott the last part of his present next! Two records, Cursive-The Ugly Organ (sounds amazing on vinyl!) and Brother and Sister by Mewithoutyou (Scott's favorite band!), and a knitted beanie by me! 

We had dinner at 905, a favorite veggie friendly restaurant of ours that we have been going to for quite some time (Scott longer than me). Recently the restaurant went under some remodeling, and to our surprise was very different since the last time we were in there in May for my birthday. The food and coffee was just as wonderful though.


Oh hai!

Fancy place settings.
Best saigon coffee ever! 

After dinner went went to Scott's house and listen to some records for a little while. We ended up stopping by Brian and Lindsay's apartment for a bit so that we could wish baby Em a happy birthday.

I think it's for you Em!
Oh, and yes, that is pure maple syrup in a brown paper bag.

And now I'm here, very tired and in need of sleep. Tomorrow will be a very busy day, but I am very much looking forward to it. 

Chels xoxo


  1. oh myyyy! I love this post! Congrats on the three years! I am in love with that coffee cup, those matching cards, the record player and that trail mix!!!! SO AMAZING! Im glad you had such an amazing weekend! :)

  2. ps- drinking maple syrup sounds TERRIBLE. haha, sorry. :)

  3. Thank you so much girl! It really was such an amazing weekend and I feel so blessed to have someone like Scott in my life.

    Drinking maple syrup was a TERRIBLE idea, in my opinion, but Scott still felt that he needed to do it. He's so silly sometimes. :]