October 17, 2009

RECAP + An Announcement!

Monday: Scott and I had photos of us taken by our friend Caleb. More on that to come soon!

Tuesday: Scott down to downtown PHX so we could have lunch together at Lenny's.

Wednesday: I went to school, and to my intern. Afterwards Scott and I  had dinner with Lindsay, Brian, and baby Em at Green. It had been FOREVER since I've been there so I was super excited to eat my sweet and sour, crispy tofu and brown rice bowl. Scott and I also shared a Captain Crunch soynami. It was ammmmazzzing! I could have eat the whole thing by myself!

Thursday: Scott came down to downtown PHX again so we could have lunch together. I brought pasta salad and jello cups, he brought amazing veggie (baby portobello mushrooms and pesto!) sandwiches and we had a picnic in the park! 

I also went shopping with my mom and grandma at Forever 21 and picked up a few cute things (2 sweaters, and a pair of jeans).

Friday: I had morning coffee with Scott, and then went to my internship. Around 4 p.m. I went to Tempe Marketplace and got a free iced pumpkin latte from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (they were giving them out for free from 4-7!). The rest of my night was spent not doing much of anything.

Today: This morning Scott and I went to Liberty Market for breakfast! Liberty Market is this adorable cafe/restaurant in old downtown Gilbert. Our food was amazing, the coffee was great, and the atmosphere was just lovely.

Mmmm an americano and a latte<3

Tonight I'm spending some time with my mom and also doing some homework, maybe getting some starbucks, and working on a few crocheting projects.

ALSO, look for a giveaway coming to the Tea Talk blog soon!

Chels xoxo

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  1. hey sending a little blog cheer...i like that market pic, looks like Atlanta in the background.the brick buildings..so pretty