October 9, 2009

Spooky season!

  Oh yeah, did I mention that today Scott and I turned into zombies? Welllll, we did! Thank you so much Danielle for turning us into spooooky people! We Love them! P.S. fellow bloggers, if you check out Danielle's super sweet blog Sometimes Sweet and ask her VERY nicely, she just might make you into a zombie too!

  Anyways, this morning I slept in a little (almost until seven!) and went and got a cup of my favorite iced coffee from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Tempe Marketplace. Usually on Fridays Scott and I have our morning coffee date, but since I was going to be meeting him immediately after work, and since we he had a few errands to run we decided to skip out on it this week. 

  I snapped a few photos while I was at my internship this morning so that you can see my cubicle and yummy iced coffee:

  I know my walls are bare, but I'm not quite sure that I'm allowed to decorate. To my knowledge, no one else except me uses this computer/area during the week, but I'm just not sure if I should make it my own because I am just an intern.

Mmmmm Coffee Bean iced coffee<3

  After I got done with my internship Scott and I went shopping at Urban Outfitters. We were looking for a pair of black, brown, or gray slacks/jeans for Scott to where when we have photos taken next week. I ended up finding him an awesome black pair of skinny jeans right as he was about to give up. All I can say is that it was just meant to be!

  After UO we went and had lunch at Bison Witches. They seriously have the best half-sandwich and soup in a bread bowl deal! I have a veggie sandwich and cream of broccoli soup, and Scott had the "Tempe" sandwich and cream of broccoli as well!! So, so yummy!

  The rest of my afternoon/evening was spent perusing  around F21 (no luck!), and trying to heal my face! I had a bad reaction to my sunscreen this morning (I've been using it for quite some time now, why is it reacting badly now?) and it made my face red and itchy.

  Tomorrow I have lots, and lots of homework to do. Hopefully Scott and I will get a little shopping done for Em's birthday, and I think a tea date with Gina is much over-due! 

Night loves!

Chels xoxo

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