November 27, 2009

Black Friday, coffee, and pictures.

  It's been a long, and exciting day.
  This morning Scott and I went to Coffee Bean for early morning americanos. We spent a little time there relaxing and taking pictures until we decided to join the mob of people that were shuffling through Target.

James Dean status<3

  After spending a few hours in Target, and making a few purchases, we decided to do a little more shopping at another local shopping plaza where we yet again made a few purchases.

  Later on in the day Scott and I went down to Mill Ave. and had some frozen yogurt at Mojo's Yogurt. I got a mixture of pomegranate, acai, and cafe latte with kiwi bits and walnuts (mind you the coffee wasn't mixed with the others at all). Scott got vanilla and pomegranate with strawberries and granola. 

  After frozen yogurt, Scott and I decided to go on an impromptu photoshoot! We walked around a cute neighborhood in Tempe and ended up taking over 100 photos. Scott took most of them. I think he had fun playing photographer for the day. He took some great shots and I am super excited to share them with you. PS Some of these I took as well.

We also spent some time at my house today, and ate some yummy leftovers for dinner. 

  Around six o'clock Scott and I headed back down to Mill to catch a little bit of the light parade. We decided we didn't want to stay long so we ended up going to see our friend Steve play at a little local venue. 

  The show wasn't on time, at all, but we still had a nice time and I was very impressed by Steve's new vocal stylings. He's a great musician and I'm sure he's going to go far.

  Tomorrow will be spent shopping with my mom, and going to a light festival at night.

  Today was a good day that had a lot of meaning behind it. I hope everyone had an amazing day as well.

 -Chels xoxo


  1. you always have the most fun :]
    that yogurt place looks really good. I'm still looking for a local yogurt shop like that.
    and I lovelove the picture of both of your feet in the leaves! so cutee.

  2. How cute:) I like the autumn/leaf photos! Cute cute blog:)

  3. lovely lovely! :) ice cream looks delish!

  4. oh wow. i love those pics. You two are just way too cute!

    <3 B

  5. Mandy- Thanks love! I love frozen yogurt, and feel lucky to have such good frozen yogurt shops in my area!

    Christine- Thank you so much :]

    Danielle- Thank you! It was so good!

    Bekah- Thanks Bekah!

  6. that froyo looks so yum!
    as always, very cute pictures.