November 8, 2009

Busyyyy weekend.

It's been a very busy weekend, full of good times and homework.
Will write a proper blog post for my amazing weekend asap!

Class, homework, shopping for tights, coffee, and riding my bike!

Goodnight my lovely blog friends!

Chels xoxo

PS Scott and I bought a mini x-mas tree tonight and I'm so excited to make ornaments for it! Does anyone else have a mini tree? 


  1. I have a mini tree! haha, I thought I was the only one. I set mine on my dresser every year and doll it up. I wish I could find a tree like Charlie Brown's though :] can't wait to see the decorations you make!

  2. Our Christmas tree is a mini one. At our apartment last year there was no room for a big one. We could probably fit a bigger one here but for now the mini one is good enough! Although maybe I'll get lucky and the husband will get in the Christmas mood and buy a bigger one :) Take pictures when yours is all decorated!

  3. Love your hat! And I always have a mini tree every year for work! :)

  4. Mandy- a Charlie Brown x-mas tree would be awesome! My last name is Brown, and I think a tree like that would look graet in my home :]

    Carol Anne- I hope your hubby buys you a big tree (real or fake!). I will definitely take pictures and I think you should take pictures of yours after you decorate it :]

    Danielle- Thank you! I bought it at H&M a few nights ago. Oh, and you should take a picture of your tree when you put it up! I want to see your decorations :]

  5. my friend said she found a charlie brown tree at walgreens---soooo look there!

    i have a mini tree from walmart, just decorated it because i got so excited.

  6. I love your beanie!
    I have a small tree I like to decorate with birds and flowers:) I'm looking for a mini squirrel for it, but it seams to be hard to find;)

  7. Chelsey- I will definitely have to look at walgreens for that CB tree! I want to see pictures of your cute little tree!

    Christine- Hi! Ok, so I just looked at your blog and wanted to say that I think you are so, so cute and I think it's amazing that you're from Norway. My mom's side is from Norway, and that is the ethnicity that I associate myself with. I love being Norwegian and get told that I look like I'm from there all the time (I was born in Arizona USA though). I look forward to being blog friends!

    Ps mini squirrel? Sounds so cute! Not sure if you have Target there but I feel like I saw a squirrel ornament there recently.