November 16, 2009

Coffee dates, old downtown Glendale, and advent calendars!

  Here is an update of my weekend (I know, I know, I'm always late on these but hey, better late than never right!), and today:


  My love and I had our weekly Friday morning coffee date. Lately we've been going to this cute coffee shop called 3 Roots Cafe that is literally two minutes away from where my internship is. The cafe is generally not very busy when we get there, so we always get our coffee extremely quick and then have about 40ish minutes to spend sitting outside chatting and enjoy the chilly weather.

 Mmmmm iced americanos are the best!

  Later that evening Scott and I hung out with our friend Amanda, and end up going to Brian and Lindsay's apartment. Afterwards we ended up going to a local carnival, Name Brand Exchange, and Extreme Bean to get some much needed caffeine at 8 o'clock at night. ;]


This is so, so sweet<3
He's crazzzy!


  Saturday Scott and I made plans to go see his grandparents at the very cute coffee shop that they own in old downtown Glendale. Our lovely friend Amanda joined us again that evning and we had a lot of fun on the drive there, walking around old downtown, sipping coffee and eating sandwiches. Did I mention that we took lots of photos as well?

Walking in old downtown Glendale.
In the Pink de Ville area at the Pink House!
Eating sandwiches at the Mighty Cup and Spoon!
Playing the piano at the coffee shop!

 Late Saturday night we also ended up at Goodwill and found this amazing piano that Scott and I would have bought if we had a place to put it:

Friends since November of 2006<3

  Sunday was spent doing homework, cleaning, and eating soup with my love.

  Today I went to class, ate a yummy grilled cheese and tomato sandwich made by my love, and got coffee at Maui Wowi (Scott had a gift card to there for almost a year, so we decided that we really needed to go and use it) with Amanda, and Scott. Later on Scott and I had dinner with my grandma, picked up my mail, and did homework.

 Iced skinny hazelnut latte, hot americano, and a hot cinnamon mocha latte!

  Tomorrow after class I'm hoping for a bike ride, and then Scott and I are going to his grandparent's coffee shop for movie-on-the-wall Tuesday! I'm thinking a dirty chai is must as well, and possibly a stop at the Pink House to look around the Pink de Ville area again!

  Before I go, I have a question for you, my lovely blog friends. Do any of you do advent calendars for Christmas? I've never had one, or at least that I can remember, and really want to have one this year. What kind of things do you put in yours? I'm thinking my boyfriend Scott should put things in it for half of the month, and I should put stuff in it for the other half so each day will be a surprise for at least one of us. I would love if you would also link me to any photos that you have of your advent calendars! Thank you in advance! :]

  Ok, time for bed!


-Chels xoxo


  1. I think when I was little my grandparents always sent a cheap cardboard one with chocolates in them for me and my brother. I've never made one before though.

  2. that is the cutest coat you are wearing. :)
    I've never had an advent calendar unfortunately. :/

  3. adorable as always.
    that hat is so cute.

  4. your jacket is ADORABLE!!! and so are you both!

  5. Carol- I remember the chocolate ones, but I don't think I ever had one.

    Jennifer- Thank you! You should have an advent calendar this year!

    Carly- Thank you so much :] The hat is my new favorite!

    Danielle- Thank you! The coat is from F21 a few seasons ago, but it's still my fav.