November 30, 2009

A girl can wish right? Christmas list 2009!

  It's finally December, so I thought it would be appropriate to share my Christmas wishlist for this year (just for fun)!

An Ampersand necklace. Oh how I love typography.

The Fun. album!

Starbucks giftcard! 

Coffee Bean giftcard!
Cute shiny shoes from Target!
This copy of The Bell Jar because I've seen to misplace mine.
Solid black Ray Bans (classic style).

A cutie Blythe!

A Flickr pro account! I wanted to buy myself one this summer, but just didn't do it. What a nice Christmas present it would be though!
New Minnetonka Moccasins. I actually already own these, but they are a bit worn out, and since I were moccasins every other day, a new pair would be nice.

New TOMS since my are getting a bit worn as well. Oh how I love corduroy!

More Plath tattoos! Love these, especially the second one<3

PSS My hair looked good the other day<3

Did I mention that my mom bought me this awhile back? LOVE it!


  1. Love the tattoos and your cardigan:)
    cute blog!

  2. have so beautiful photos...
    i'll follow your blog...

  3. awesome wishlist!

    love the tattoos.

    ooh, and fun. of course.

  4. Christine- Thank you so much! I just got that cardigan and it is my favorite now!

    Fashionist_ahead- Thanks so much! Your blog is super cute as well :]

    Chelsey- Thanks girl :] I love Fun., and was HUGE The Format fan (they're from my hometown) so I think that I really need Fun.'s album!

  5. so i love your blog, and i thought i would stop by and say hello.

    fun album= amazing.

    the necklace. yes please!

    sarah ann
    stop by!

  6. oohhh! i totally want a tattoo for christmas! :) and i love those toms!

  7. Sarah ann- Thanks loves! Hello to you :] I think your blog is super cute!

    Daisychain- Thanks! I've been wanting one forever!

    Danielle- TOMS=love haha :] ps I don't actually want a tattoo for christmas (not my thing), but I do think those are beautiful! :]

    What kind of tattoo do you want to get?

  8. i didn't realize you liked blythes! [actually, i probably did, and just forgot...] you hair looks gorgeous!!! and i love those tattoos!!!


  9. I think Blythes are just the cutest! I love how people photograph them in different situations and I think that would be just so much fun to do!

    Thank you for the comment about my hair<3

    PS When are you getting your tattoo fixed? Are you going to get another one at the same time?