November 3, 2009

My day/internship info/what kind of car do you drive?

  Today has been a busy, busy day.

  This morning I went to two classes, ate lunch/met a new friend, went to my advisement meeting to discuss classes for next semester, and went to my last class where I turned in an article that caused much stressed. After class I went to Starbucks on Washington where Gina Marie made me the best skinny vanilla latte in the new red cups. The rest of the evening was spent working on the lamest case analysis for Media Ethics that is due tomorrow. I also took a break and went with my mom to Tempe Marketplace to get salad from Salad A La Carte and a pomegranate non-dairy smoothie.

  Scott had work until eight tonight so I didn't end up seeing him today, which is always a bummer, but I'm looking forward to spending time with him tomorrow and going on a bike ride!

Anyways, silly photos? Oh yes!

Mmmmm smoothie! I never drink smoothies! At least it was a healthy one.

My SVL! 

  Also, I thought I might post a few links to some of the articles that I've written for ASU/the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Just in case any of you ever wondered what I did at my internship.

  Lastly, for some reason I always wonder what kind of cars people drive. For myself I feel that my car is an extension of myself, and the place I feel is most mine. Anyways, I wanted to ask a few questions that anyone and everyone could answer. 

The questions are:
What kind of car do you drive?
What do you love about your car?
Do you have a picture of you and your car that you would like to share (leave a link!)?
What is your dream car?

My answers are:
-I drive a pearl white '08 Mazda3 hatchback
-I love that my car has a hatchback! It makes putting my bike in my car so much easier.
Right after I got my car in October of 2007.
Amanda and I having fun right after I got my car!
Dream carrrr<3>

I think this could be something fun that everyone could enjoy, so if you read my blog please participate :]

Ps I kind of miss my shorter bangs. Maybe I should cut them short again?

-Chels xoxo


  1. I drive a totalled chevy cavalier with a nonfunctioning xonvertible
    top (unrelated to the totalling, the back window just fell out in it's own.) I want my next car to be one of those tiny suv's that are in the shape of a box but people harbor intense hate against those for no reason. I don't get it.

  2. I drive a ford contour... lame I know but it works! haha! My husband is wanting a mustang for his next car so that would be cool to have. I don't really care much about cars & I hate driving haha!!

  3. I drive a bitchin '98 ford escort that I call lucille. Lucille gets pretty good gas mileage, and has never let me down. the only thing that would improve her would be to have a cassette player in addition to the cd player so I could play all my thrift store cassette treasures.
    I don't have a dream car yet!

    i like your bangs shorter, but i always seem to no matter what the person. you're cute both ways!

  4. What kind of car do you drive? a 2006 scion xb release series 3.0 in envy green :)

    What do you love about your car? ha! everything! i love the color, the roominess, getting 32mpg, the tv in the headrests, the ipod hook up, and that there's only 2200 of them :)

    Do you have a picture of you and your car that you would like to share (leave a link!)? [from my husband's flickr that i used to use before i had my own]

    What is your dream car? realistic dream car: a corvette. [i've wanted one since 8th grade when i rode in my friends.]
    UNrealistic dream car: this lamborghini

    but in all actuality we'll probably get a mini cooper next, followed by a bmw of some sort.


  5. Kelsey-Sorry to hear about your car :/ Hope you get the car of your dreams one day!

    Stephanie-Thank you so much :]

    Carol Anne- Ford contour's are nice. :] Ps I hate driving too haha

    Chelsey-I drove my grandma's '91 Ford Escort station wagon when I was younger. It was a sweet car!

    Katie- Your car is so cute! I love xb's and really wanted one before I got my car. Oh, and BMW's and Mini Coopers are the best. I wanted a mini so bad when I was younger. I would really love to have a Volvo station wagon one day. It's my dream car!