November 23, 2009

Twilight for life.

  I have this feeling in my heart, and in my stomach that just wont go away. I am a bit ashamed to say that the reason for it is this: 

This book/series did it all for me. It sucked me in so bad that I was an emotional wreck for weeks.

Here is something I wrote after I finished all four books:

"Throughout reading the Twilight series  have felt: curious, abandoned, loved, heartbroken, annoyed, giddy, overwhelmed, anxious, and scared. It's been quite the trip. I wish the series wasn't over."

In other news Scott and I went on a cute coffee date to Starbucks today:

Ok, off to do more work!

-Chels xoxo


  1. don't be ashamed! i liked the books (they could have been written better, by the end i was just tired of everything being sooo dramatic, but it's kinda understandable given all the situations) but it's a good story and that's all that matters!

    i won't make fun of you!

  2. Thank you Chelsey.

    PS I adore your choice in books. The classics are my favorite.

  3. coffee dates sound fun! :)
    too bad my man doesn't like coffee...ha.

  4. coffee dates, the best. twilight? i love edwards cullens face. love.

  5. Those pants really are comfy and they were only 3 bucks on clearance at the GAP!

    We go get coffee too much. We're trying to curb that so we can be nicer to our wallets.

  6. Lydia- Sorry your man doesn't like coffee :/

    Chelsea- Hi! Nice to meet you! I was just looking through your blog and read that you live in Denver? I've spent a significantly large part of my life in the Denver/Thorton, and all over Colorado for that. Oh, and I'm a journalism major at Arizona State University. I see that you're involved in the business as well?

    Kelsey-What a great deal! I spend wayyy too much money on coffee too :/

  7. tehehe. i love this post. It made me giggle because I feel the same way.

    P.S. coffee dates=the best. :)

    <3 B

  8. Thanks Bekah!

    PS You're from Denver? What part? :]