December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve!

  Merry Christmas Eve!

  Oh what a lovely day it has been! The day was spent visiting with Scott's mom, having coffee with Miss Amanda (and exchanging gifts!), picking up Scott's sister, and opening presents with Scott's family.

  Overall the day was quite lovely and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. 

  Tomorrow I will be eating cinnamon rolls and quiche in the morning, along with opening presents with my little family. Later on Scott will be coming over to have dinner with us, and hopefully my cousin Jarred and my Uncle Pete will be able to make it to.

  I leave you with a few pictures of the AMAZING presents I received today, and photos from opening presents time with Scott's family.

Cupcake lip gloss from Smeeks!

Phoenix: We Love It. cd from Stinkweeds (feat. Sam Means, Jim Adkins, etc.).

A million mini sharpies! LOVVE all the amazing colors Scott found. Oh, and he put them all on little keychains! So cute!

Handmade plaid flower from a local shop.

A million different giftcards from family friends!

ASU sweatshirt from my love! (PS Yes, it is a little boy's sweatshirt!).

OHHH what could be in that little blue box?

Pretty rapping from Smeeks!

Hello Kitty lunch box!

Goodies inside! 

Scott's sweet camo light hat that he got from one of his brothers.


Oh, and did I mention that Scott and I have quite the little vintage Pyrex collection going on?

The collection, minus one cup that is in the sink.

Orange bowl that I got Scott for Christmas!

  I hope everyone has a VERY Happy Christmas!
(Amazing chocolate snowflake courtesy of Amanda!)

-Chels xoxo


  1. that snowflake looks incredible!
    it sounds like you had a lovely christmas eve.
    yayyy. :)

  2. love all your cute presents! Especially the cupcake lip gloss and the mini sharpies! My husband put colorful sharpies and a hot pink journal in my stocking. :)

  3. eeep!!! that hello kitty lunch box is adorable!!

  4. you are adorable. so glad your christmas eve was so awesome! <3

  5. that lip gloss looks really cute.

    have a happy new year!