December 23, 2009

It's almost here!

  Happy almost Christmas Eve!

  Ever since I got home from Scott and I's trip to Prescott I have been seriously busy. I wanted to say really quick thank you so much for all the lovely comments I've received on my blog lately. You guys are all seriously the best. <3

  Anyways, most of my time has been spent shopping with either my mom or my dad. My mom always needs a shopping partner, therefore I'm her go to girl, and my dad currently has a cast on his left leg and can't go shopping very easy on his own, so they've been keeping me plenty busy.

  While out with my mom the other night she bought me the loveliest coat from Banana Republic. It's seriously the warmest coat, and has such a classic look to it! I love it! Here it is ( picture from the Banana Republic website):

I got the coat in the above color, however I feel I will wear it more like it is in the photo below:

  Also, while browsing around Flickr I saw this photo of a Kurt Halsey drawing. The way the couple appears seriously reminds me of Scott and I.  I just had to save it and share it with you.

  Oh, and the sweet Kelsey, who won Scott and I's very first giveaway, posted a picture of the painting that she won hanging in her room! Looks like she found a perfect place for it<3

  Ok, tomorrow brings lots of coffee, helping Scott finish handmade Christmas presents, giving Amanda her Christmas present, and opening presents with my love! Can't wait!


-Chels xoxo


  1. sounds like your a busy gal! i received your card in the mail yesterday! thank you so much, i was presently surprised, and so was brett! you are quite thoughtful! :] merry christmas love!

  2. you sound super busy! tis the season. ha, :).

    what a cute coat. i love toggle coats.
    my faaaave.
    i also love kurt halsey, another fave.
    i have one of his prints hanging in my room.
    it says: "when we sparkle, i just glow."
    so lovely.

    merry christmas, girl!

  3. Wishing you a truly magical christmas xxx

  4. cute coat! and i love that last picture :)

    p.s. my friend june is kurt halsey's fiance :) i love his stuff!!

  5. Danielle- I am so glad that you got the card, and that you and your hubby liked it! Happy Christmas<3

    Lydia- I LOVE toggles as well! I'm so excited to wear it! Oh, and your print sounds super cute.

    Daiseychain- Happy Christmas to you! :]

    Marisa- Thank you! That's so neat that your friend is Kurt's fiance. He's so talented! :]