December 28, 2009


  For Christmas Scott got me a Polaroid digital camcorder.  The idea for this gift all stemmed from the Black Friday sale at Target. I spotted this cutie camcorder in the BF ads, and pointed it out to Scott. There is quite a silly story behind it: Scott found THE last one at the Target at Tempe Marketplace, he purchased it, wrapped it up in a bag, and figured I might not guess what it was. In the end he decided to return it, tell me that he bought it and returned it, and then went back and bought it back (he had them hold it for him!).
  Mine is red!

  The camcorder shoots video, and takes pictures! Here is some of the videos and photos we shot earlier today when using it for the first time!

Scott painted this for me for Christmas! LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Ok, off to work on giveaway things!

-Chels xoxo


  1. you pair are so freakin' cute!

    And keep your hands on the wheel missy, we dont want any accidents! :P

    love the painting, what a sweet bf you have x

  2. Yay, what a good gift! And the painting is adorable. He needs his own little Etsy :)

  3. How cute are you?!!! I have that ampersand, too! We used it for our wedding! I hope you post lots of videos now!!

  4. Samboy- Thanks so much girl! Oh, and I promise to keep my hands on the wheel haha

    The cat whisperer- Thank you! My BF read your comment and decided that he does really need to open a Etsy shop. He's been talking about it for months, but I think he's finally ready to take the plunge.

    Stephanie- That's so neat that you have that ampersand! I told him that we need it for our future apartment! Oh, and I hope to post lots more videos! Thanks for the encouragement! :]

    What Would a Nerd Wear- Thank you! PS I always think you have cute shoes! LOVE all your boots!

    Chelsea- You should! I love mine!

  5. Wow...what a GREAT gift!!! You guys are so cute together :)

  6. these videos are so cute!

    i really love that painting too <3