December 5, 2009

Our advent calendar 2009!

  Scott and I made these two lovely advent calendars a few weeks back, the tan one is our, the grey one we made for Scott's little sister. So far we've been really enjoying our calendar and loving have a different surprise every other day (we switched back and forth as to who get's to open it and eat the chocolate, although we usually share it). 

Scott and I's.


  The 1st was my day to open the surprise. What I found was a piece of chocolate and an amazing hand carved wooden J necklace, made by my own John Scott<3

  Day 2 was a piece of chocolate for my love, and a mini Christmas blend package of coffee, which we shared and enjoyed verrrry much. We made cinnamon rolls too!

Vintage Pyrex mugs that we thrifted and love.

Day 3 was a new blog button that my love made for me, and a piece of chocolate which he ate<3

  Day 4 was a note to my love stating that we should take our Christmas card picture, and buy something cute at First Fridays, which we definitely did! Oh and a piece of chocolate of course.

  Day 5 was a piece of chocolate and an IOU note stating that I will have to wait until Christmas for my day 5 gift.

  It is safe to say that I LOVE our advent calendar and am so happy that we decided to make it. Can't wait for all the other days in this month.

Longer post full of weekend activities to come!

-Chels xoxo


  1. That is adorable!! I may have to ask my husband to make one with me for every month to help me make it through the rest of the school year!!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I think having one for every month is a grand idea!

    I just looked at your wedding blog and have to say that your wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!

  3. I've never really been a holiday person, but with all the advent calenders coming up, I am beginning to be. Yours looks great! And I love your blog. Added your button to my site =-D

  4. what a cute idea
    I don't have an advent calendar this year, boo to that.

  5. Cute advent calender! Your boyfriend is so nice to make you a blog button.

  6. Hi, fellow Phoenician! Stumbled upon your blog today from heidiharlequin's, super cute :) I'm gonna follow!