December 19, 2009

Prescott or bust! Road trip 2009!

 The day started bright and early for us. We ate cereal, cinnamon rolls, and coffee before heading out. We barely hit any traffic, and were out of the city before we knew it. 

  We saw this amazing bush decorated with Christmas cheer in the middle of nowhere. It was magical.


  About two hours later we arrive in the Prescott. We decided to spend the day in the downtown area where they have amazing antique shops, cute coffee houses, and good places to eat. We decided to go to this cute coffee house that we went to on our last trip to Prescott so that we could get an americano to warm us up (it was seriously chilly outside.

  An americano and a almond and raspberry vegan torte. MMMM.

  After we warmed up a  bit we headed out and walked around the downtown area more. We walked by Prescott's "art district," but unfortunately all the galleries were closed, so we just took cute pictures.

  A few minutes later we ended up in our first antique store of the day. This one was seriously special and had so many treasures in it. 

Vintage Pyrex! Oh my!

Neat old cash register.

I ended up buying my mom a Japanese pixie, or an elf on a shelf as she calls them (pictured). She had one on her tree when she was a little girl, and now this one is currently residing on the top of our tree.

  After we made our purchases (Scott bought an awesome antique skeleton key as well) we headed to the center of downtown where their courthouse is so that we could take a few tourist photos.

  Then we decided to go on another walk to find Cuppers, a coffee shop that Danielle suggested to me. 

  Right down the way from Cuppers is a funeral home that Danielle's family owns. I decided that I needed a photo in front of it (might be innapropriate/silly, but oh well!).


  Around 11:45 we were very hungry and decided to go to a cute burrito shack called Hugo's (Danielle always talks about this place). 


 After lunch we drove out of town and found a pile of snow to play in. Even though there wasn't very much, we had a good time!

Silly boy!

  Next on our list of things to do was go to this one road where they have like six or seven antique stores in a row. Here is what we found while looking around:

Vintage Pyrex!

 Before heading back down to the valley Scott and I grabbed some drinks at Cuppers. Scott got an Alice Palmer (raspberry lyche tea and lemonade), and I got an iced coffee.

  On the way home we stopped at Sunset Point because I've never been there before. It was a beautiful view and I'm glad we stopped.

  Last minute Scott decided he would really love to have pie in Black Canyon City, which has the best pies in the world. We got a multi-berry, and a chocolate cream. They were DELICIOUS!

  Overall it was an amazing trip and I'm so happy we went! I love getting away from the city every one and awhile<3>

  WOW that was a big post!

  Smaller posts to come soon<3

-Chels xoxo


  1. Looks like a blast!! My boyfriend and I are likely to do the same trip very soon. He's an AZ noob and hasn't seen our most beautiful places yet!

    P.S. No clue how you guys don't weigh 400 lbs each eating all that delicious food!

  2. sounds amazing!
    hmmm... maybe i need to take a last minute road trip before the kiddos come home. ;)

    xoxo, james.

    p.s. i have two of those little shelve elves, ones green, ones red. they were my grandmothers. i love them. :)

  3. that sounds so fun!
    what a neat time.

  4. it looks like you guys had alot of fun. prescott looks like a really cute town!
    loved all of your pictures!

  5. love the tin ceiling in that coffee shop. and that last antique store is absolutely adorable. looks like a great trip. your plaid flats are cute!

  6. Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed trip to my little town- it was neat to see it from an outside point of view. :) I love Prescott

  7. such cute pictures :)

    those antique shops look so awesome! wish i could find some as cool around here! x

  8. oooh :) this was my favourite post.
    i loved the colours in the photos! and the cutest one (of course) is the kissy photo. i love all of the antique store photos, makes me want to go shopping sososo badly!! looks like you two had an absolutely magical day...looks like something my bf and i would enjoy...too bad we don't drive. road trips are so fun :)

  9. How sweet! That looked like sososo much fun! I love pie! And that one looks amazing!

  10. ahh i thought you guys got engaged! After you said what an awesome trip you had i noticed a ring on your ring finger in the picture in your last post. I guess i was analyzing too much! haha :) Regardless im glad you guys had a wonderful road trip!!

  11. Kara- I hope you and your boyfriend have fun in Prescott! It's a lovely town! Oh, and I don't know how we do it either haha.

    Miss James- That's so neat that you have your grandmother's little elves! PS You so should go on a road trip!

    Lydia- Thanks girl! :]

    Chelsey- Thank you!

    Danielle- We love Prescott too! :]

    Sam- I'm sure you could find some neat ones! Usually the best are little hidden jems.

    Carly- Thank you for all the sweet comments! :]

    Stephanie- I love pie too and mine was soooo good!

    Mrs. P- Thank you for the sweet comment. The ring that I wear is actually a promise ring that I've had for almost two years now (we've been together for over three). :]

  12. you make me wanna road trip-it to Prescott right now!! especially with this weather!!! :-)