December 3, 2009

Stocking stuffer inspiration!

  Here I am, blogging from my local Barnes and Noble, and I thought I would share a little holiday inspiration. Today's topic is stockings! Christmas stockings are my absolute favorite, and nothing is better than opening an amazingly stocked stocking. So I thought I would give a little guide as to things that I believe would be extra cute in Christmas stockings this year!

On to the list:

Cute candy:

Pretty nail polish:

Amazingly cute stuffed animals:

Fun tights:

Source: Forever 21

Cute little books(this one was my fav growing up!):

Cute coffee tumblers:

Mini tools (John Scott's suggestion aka what he would like<3):

Cute little notebooks:

Mini Sharpies:

Starbucks Via:

Sony headphones (that I know my bf would love<3):

What is your favorite thing to find in your stockings?

-Chels xoxo


  1. oh goodness :]
    this post makes me really excited for Christmas morning!
    I love finding a bunch of goodies in my stocking, it's so much fun.
    and I loooove the stocking stuffers that you picked out! so cute.

    pea.ess. mini sharpies = love.

  2. my favorite thing to find in my stocking? gift cards to target! :)

  3. Aw stockings are my favorite. They're always full of fun things, I love finding Starbucks gift cards in mine :)

  4. YES! I looove this post Chelsea! Tomorrow I am going to shop for Hank's stocking and this is just the inspiration I needed. Thanks for including my nail polish too! <3333

  5. You have totally inspired me to make mini stockings and put candy or Starbucks Via in them give them as little gifts to friends and coworkers as a way of saving money.


  6. Mandy- I am so, so excited for Christmas Eve as well! And I lovvve mini sharpies!

    Danielle- I LOVE Target gift cards!

    Casey- Starbucks gift cards are my favorite :]

    Danielle- I am sooo glad I could inspire you! I hope you found some neat stuff :]

    Kelsey- That's such a great idea! I want to make mini stockings for my friends now :]