December 6, 2009

Weekend re-cap! Oh, and this is my 100th post! WOO!

  This weekend went by so incredibly quickly, probably because it was just so fun and couldn't last.

  Friday morning before I went in to my internship Scott met me for coffee at Cartel Coffee Lab. We haven't been there in awhile, mostly because the line in the morning is always HUGE and we have a limited amount of time to hang out. We ended up getting a latte, and an americano, which unfortunately was too bitter for my love, and they had no raw sugar to make it better. We took a few cute pictures while we were there:

  After coffee I headed off to my internship and had a little mishap. Well, you see the Tempe Art Festival was going on literally outside my office building, and the garage that I park in under my building turned into this weird $10 parking lot. 

  After arguing a few minutes with an unruly man about how I am NOT going to pay $1o to park in a garage that I park in all the time for free, I ended up parking at my Gina's house a few blocks away and walking in the freeeezing morning atmosphere.

  Around 1pm Scott met me back down in Tempe and we walked around the art festival. There were a ton of booths, and we even bought a few things (pasta, and a Christmas present for my mom!).

  We also went on an impromptu walk/photoshoot in a cute neighborhood and got some fresh squeezed juice!


  Friday evening Scott, Amanda, and my friend Whitney went to a cute craft fair behind Frances/Stinkweeds etc. Everything was handmade, and super cute. Amanda bought a cute knit beanie that fits her perfectly, and I believe Scott bought something for me for Christmas... :]

  Before heading down to First Friday's we also went to Smeeks, an amazingly cool old school candy store. We all had a lot of fun looking at all the candy, and being in this nostalgic state, or at least I was.

  After Smeeks we went down to Roosevelt to walk around, and Whitney's friend Cory decided to join us for the walk. This month everything was a bit out of order, but nonetheless just as great. Amanda and I had fun running around while Scott took pictures of us, and we even went into a home that was made in two train cargo boxes.

 Saturday Scott and I hung around home, and started working on our Christmas cards. We also went out to dinner at Pita Jungle with our friend Gina, which was lovely.

  Today was spent shopping at Target, and Costco with my grandma, doing homework, making Christmas cards, and eating frozen yogurt with Amanda and Scott.

  By the way, my lovely blog friend Danielle is having an AMAZING giveaway over on her blog!!!

  Time for sleep!

-Chels xoxo


  1. Your boy's hair looks really great in that first photo!

    Also, thinking of you arguing with an "unruly" man makes me laugh!

    AND, you guys are too cute. I used to go to 1st Fridays when I lived in Phx and loved it, I need to come to the next one!


  2. holy busy weekend girl!
    looks like you had a blast!

  3. awe. it looks like you guys had a great time! :D

    i love smeeks! i went there a few months back when i went to red hot robot. the photo booth & bottled soda did it for me, & i agree the candy is amazing. ohh & i would love to go to first friday more often but it's freezing outside! :(

  4. It looks like you had a very nice weekend! I love all the pictures :)

  5. That is amazing! I wish we had super cool stuff like that here.... seriously! Looks awesome!

  6. you two are adorable!

    happy 100th post!

  7. I also went to the Tempe Art Festival! Wasn't it lovely? Little bit chilly out, I thought.

    You and your blog is adorable!

    Sarah Ann

  8. What a fun weekend! That candy store looks so cute! I love your blue checkered tunic, as well! I have it and love it!

  9. i love all of these pictures--it looks like you guys had so much fun!

    happy 100th!!!

    ooh, and i really like your advent calendar. cute treats!

  10. What a lovely weekend!! The pictures were all so cute! It sounded like you had lots of fun! I'm working on my Christmas cards too. I love your blog! It's extra cute!

  11. You says Smeets and the pictures say Smeeks? Anyway, supercute weekend.

  12. Danielle- Haha yeah, that man was ridiculous! Oh, and you should come down for January's First Friday's if you can :]

    Carly- It was soo busy, but it was soooo much fun that I hardly even noticed how busy I actually was!

    Mariah- Smeeks is awesome! You should definitely go to First Friday's in January!

    Carol Anne- Thank you! I really did :]

    Danielle- Oh, I bet there is plenty of neat places in your cute town!

    Daisychain- Thanks so much girl!

    Sarah Ann- It was chilly! That's neat that you went though, and thanks for the blog comment :]

    Stephanie- Thank you :] I love the tunic as well!

    Chelsey- Thank you! We've been having A LOT of fun with our advent calendar!

    Jaque- Thank you so much! Good luck with your Christmas cards!

    Rachell- Haha thanks girl! Fixing that typo now!