December 13, 2009

Zoolights, silly photos, christmas cards, and our favorite breakfast spot.

  Has it really been three days since I last blogged? Wow, so sorry readers! I've just been so busy with finals and school has been ruling my life. Anyways, here is what I've been up to:

  Saturday night Scott and I went with Amanda and her family to the Phoenix Zoo Lights. We got to the zoo a little after 5:30, and waiting in line till the zoo opened around six. For those of you who have never had a "zoo lights" experience, you basically walk around the zoo while all the animals are asleep and put away, and marvel over the thousands of lights that they have strung around the entire zoo. There are animals made out of lights, trees covered in lights, and other various things made entirely out of lights. They even have a special walk way where the lights flicker's correspond to a certain song being played.

  Along the way myself, and Amanda's brother, took a few snapshots:

A giraffe that talks! Seriously, it did!

Danccccing trees

Singggging trees

Pretty shades

Amanda, Scott and I in front of the pink and white trees that were my favorite!

  Sunday was spent cleaning, studying for finals, and picking up my parents from the airport. They went on a 10 day cruise and stopped at 5 or 6 different islands. It's safe to say that they had a great time!

  Monday Scott and I went to our favorite little breakfast spot in Gilbert, Liberty Market (it was Scott's surprise for his advent day). We had a lovely breakfast of biscuits and gravy americanos, and cortaditos (micro lattes with raw sugar).

  A few photos of our breakfast adventure:

Sipping his americano.


Stirring the raw sugar at the bottom of the bowl.

Pretty nails.


  Yesterday afternoon Scott and I finished making our Christmas cards and sent all of them off (except the ones that we are planning on hand delivering).

  This morning/afternoon I had my two last final exams. I was pretty nervous for both, but in the end I think they went really well.

  Tonight I worked on a few handmade Christmas presents, and watched most of Gone with the Wind with my mom.

  Tomorrow will be spent Christmas shopping, possibly going on a walk/hike, and going to a certain place with Scott (it's his advent day gift!).


-Chels xoxo


  1. Great photos! I love your blog :)

  2. cute pictures my dear :)

    p.s. i'm going to put your newer button! i finally fixed mine if you'd like to add it too :)

  3. That place looks amazing! Maybe one day I'll venture all the way into Gilbert and check it out ;)

  4. The giraffe looks great! And those cortaditos...mmmm! Great post.

  5. the zoo sounds so fun! i love all the different colors and the feel they all give! also, I'm a big fan of lights that blink according to music.

  6. those lights look wonderful! :] so jealous! we have a drive through thing here but it's SOOOOOO cheesy!

  7. Madelyn- Thanks girl :]

    Marisa- I would love to add your blog button :]

    Kara- You so should! Where do you live?

    Loveable Style- Thanks!

    Stephanie- Oh the zoo was so much fun! & the lights were amazing!

    Danielle- You should go! Even if it is cheesy! Christmas lights are the best!