January 23, 2010

Friday afternoon cafe date & an outfit photo.

  Friday afternoon Scott and I went on a mini-date to Essence bakery in Tempe. I've been wanting to go again to this place for awhile (the first time I walked out after being really confused about their coffee menu), so we decided to go there and try out their famous French macaroons.

  First of all, the place was PACKED as it was lunch time and the place is pretty small to begin with, so we decided to find a seat outside and wait for our double shot americanos and try out our macroons.

  Scott got their caramel one that everyone raves about, and I got mint chocolate chip.


  Over all, the macaroons were very good. Mine was wayyyy more sweet then Scott's, but equally as good.

  I was really excited for our americanos because I heard that they use beans from Cartel Coffee Lab, but was sadden when I received my drink and it was filled about two inches from the top (who uses that much cream? I don't even like cream) and when Scott went to ask them to put more water in it he saw that they use a at home espresso machine that is not meant for making more than one or two a day. 

  On a side note, I decided that for a week Scott and I should take outfit photos each day. Here is today's:

Hat: F2!
Shirt: Gap
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Jeans: F21
Shoe: BP Nordstroms

Hat: Xmas present from his brother
Undershirt: Banana Republic
Plaid long-sleeve shirt: Target
Jeans: Aeropostle
Shoes: Sanuk

  Ok, time to have adventures in froth making!

  -Chels xoxo


  1. I hear the American coffee is very, very different to New Zealand coffee. I guess i will have to get used to that when i move to Seattle in December! Just another one of my American adventures to be had =)
    Your biscuit looked delish!

  2. Ohhhhhh biscuits look yummy! But boo on that coffee! :[

    Your outfits are awesome!!! By they way, I never thanked you for the most adorable Christmas cards! :] So... thank you!

  3. Gabrielle- That's so neat that you're moving to Seattle from New Zealand! Seattle is a beautiful town (most of my family lives there), and I've heard New Zealand is amazing. Hope you enjoy the coffee here :] PS How do you drink your coffee? Oh, and thanks for reading my blog!

    Danielle- Thank you! & you are more than welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it :] <3

  4. New Zealand is fantastic! I am going to Seattle for a year as i can only get a 12 month working visa but i'm sure it will be great! I've heard our coffee is much smaller and stronger than what is on offer in America, but i would'nt know having never being there. Our most popular coffee is the flat white, which is a small coffee with a little flat milk(no foam)...
    I really enjoy your blog, i've only just started blogging and yours was one of the first i came across. I even have your button on my page =)
    Check it out if you would like

  5. ooh I've never had a french maccaroon, they look so good :) especially when they are green! x

  6. Wow, awesome photos. Can you believe I've never had a macaroon!?

    I LOVE outfit posts! I don't think I'm creative enough to post my own, but yours are cute :)

  7. very cool :) macaroons sound amazing. I buy coffee from an exclusive home roasting coffee company here in South Africa :) and it's really good. thanks for the post
    Betty Bake

  8. I love how you are including Scott in the outfit posts! So cute!

    Ok, if I lived in your neighborhood, I would promote your blog like crazy! I wish we had a blogger that would promote our local places :)

  9. hello your blog is cute. im now following you !

  10. awww...yay. I love outfit photos! so much inspiration!

    Those macaroons look way tasty too!

    <3 B

  11. i've always wanted to try macaroons!! they look soooo yummy. don't think i can get them anywhere around here (small town. no imagination (: ) i guess i'm just going to have to find a yummy recipe...