January 6, 2010

It's Giveaway Time!

Hello loves, 

  It's giveaway time once again here at the Tea Talk blog and we are SO SO excited for this one! The prizes are darling, and all very near to our hearts.

  Here is what we are giving away:

  This lovely apron that was made by John Scott. It is made out of a lovely flowery print that includes darling birds throughout. It also has a medium size pocket, and a pen pocket on the front.

  Here I am modeling it:

  Also, the hand-written, by our very own John Scott, framed piece is up for grabs! It contains a quote from the famous book The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. It states, "I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am. -Sylvia Plath".

  And lastly, the lovely embroidery piece, handmade by myself, contains a partial quote that goes along with the Plath theme.

  In order to enter you must A. be a follower (will verify), and B. must leave a comment stating who you favorite author is and/or favorite book (reasons why would be fun!), along with your name and email address. To get one extra entry you can tweet about our giveaway and leave a separate comment with a link to the tweet you made.

  The winner will be drawn a week from today on Wednesday January 13th.

  Good luck to everyone!

   Chelsea and John Scott!


  1. I love that you both work together on your giveaways! It's so sweet! And what awesome prizes! I am a follower of course.

    I don't read much but I'd have to say that The Bell Jar was a favorite of mine as well. As soon as I finished it I rented the Sylvia movie. She lived an interesting life!

  2. I'm a follower!!
    My fav book I ever read was called Mi Vida Loca (in high school).
    I tweeted!

  3. I just found your blog great giveaway Sylvia Plath loooovvvvveeee!

    I am a follower now :)

  4. My favorite book is "The Sookie Stackhouse Series". I love the author, Charlaine Harris' characters, the humor is dry and sarcastic and my imagination just ignites! LOVE IT!

    I follow on google friend

  5. Hii! AMAZING giveaway! My favorite book of all time is Wasteland by Francesca Lia Block. It's wonderfully depressing and twisted.

  6. You guys are absolutely adorable! I thought I should tell you in case you didn't know already. :-)

  7. What cute things! I love Sylvia Plath!

    This one is kind of hard, but I must say that my favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk--I pretty much love every book he's written up to this point (I only haven't read one). My favorite of his is Invisible Monsters.
    His characters are amazingly creepy and terrible most of the time. His descriptions are disgustingly dead on and he makes me think. I love his mind!

    Of course I'm a follower!


  8. I am a follower! I can't say I have a favorite author.
    I go through phases of different literature I like. I think my most consistan fav is Jonathan Safran Foer he wrote Everything is Illuminated and Everything Loud & Incredibly Close.

    His book Everything is Illuminated was good enough to be made into a movie and adorable Elijah Wood was in it who couldn't love that?

    I also really liked it because it's set in the Ukraine which is where some of my heritage is from.

    My name is Lor. My blog is http://lovelylor.blogspot.com


    Great looking giveaway!! Fingers Crossed :) Have a lovely day

  9. Hi! I am a follower already, I even follow you twitter! I will post this on my blog too! My favorite authors are Sylvia Plath,I discovered her when I was in 8th grade and have devoured her work ever since,and Augusten Burroughs. I love Sylvia's poetry, journals and The Bell Jar (did you hear, it is being turned into a movie...again) I love Augusten's book Dry the most.

    This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

    Jacobsmommy100806@gmail.com is my email address.

    Oh, and my name is Michelle :)

  10. My favorite author is Michelle Moran. She writes wonderful historical fiction.
    amandarwest at gmaildotcom

  11. I tweeted this. http://twitter.com/amandawk/status/7459094538
    amandarwest at gmaildotcom

  12. favorite book is love is a mix tape by rob scheffield
    its an amazing book about how music shaped this guys life

  13. i follow

  14. follower!!!!
    carlylamanes at gmail

  15. I'm a follower! Currently my favorite author is Jodi Piccoult... Her books are always able to keep my attention. They take me from laughter to tears and back again!

    mandm_2002 at hotmail dot com

  16. Chelsea! I read your blog all the time but finally got around to actually following! haha.
    annnnyway my favorite book:

    tales of ordinary madness by charles bukowski. i know it's just a collection of his poems and short stories but i loveeeee them. as gross as he was (just a generally disgusting old, drunken man), his writing is amazing to me.

    shaye - shaye.manning@gmail.com !

    p.s. my blog will soon have some actual posts!

  17. i follow! my favorite author is l.m. montgomery. she wrote the anne ofgreen gables series and a slew of other amazing books! i love her sense of humor and wild characters in her books!

  18. studentdriver09@aol.com


  19. Cuuuute!
    I have too many favorite books, but I can narrow down my authors to two: Bill Bryson and Ken Follett. Bryson writes non-fiction and is HILARIOUS! Makes me laugh out loud. Follett writes historical fiction and I can't put down his books once I've started. His plots are too good and I never know what'll be next!


  20. Hmm... FAVORITE book? That's really tough. I fall in love with every book I read. Today I will say "Olive Kitteridge" by Elizabeth Strout. Tells the Story of Olive accidentally through the stories of others around her. Every charactar is rich and studied, you sense a past and future apart from the moment told.

  21. my favorite book is blue like jazz :)
    emma leigh

  22. Am a follower!!

    My favorite author is Alice Sebold. Her openness to her life that is reflected in her books are refreshing and opens the voyarism in me.

    Shay Lee

  23. following. My favorite book is harry potter! I still love the books even as a college student! LOL it is the perfect book to re-read over a million times


  24. http://twitter.com/RebelMadam/status/7467388317


  25. my twitter tweet!!~~~


    Shay Lee

  26. I am you newest follower! I love the apron! It's super hard to find cute aprons! I'm also telling my sister about your blog. She is an avid tea drinker and has a weekly tea goup in her dorm and she's only 19! Its great! Thanks again for the giveaway

  27. My favorite book, currently, is People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks. The book is about the life of an ancient book and the places it travels through history. All her books are great and this is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Sorry here's my info. Ava J. avajankowski@gmail.com

  29. I follow and love your blog. I love this giveaway!

    I'm hooked on JD Robb's In Death series at the moment, so I would say she is my favourite (it changes all the time though)

    My name is Rhianne and my email is rhiannelouise@gmail.com

  30. Hi, I just found your blog through Biscuit and I am now a follower. I love any pre-teen novel, the reason being is that I write pre-teen books myself and I have to keep up with the competition. If I need a break from pre-teen madness then I would choose any biography.
    I am about to tweet about this, too.

  31. What a great giveaway! I love that you worked together.
    I would have to say that Dr. Seuss is my fav author. His books not only touch little ones, but I still remember them from my childhood. Such meaningful messages in such simple writing.
    I follow your blog.

  32. A. Already follow.
    B. His Dark Material Trilogy. Mainly because I'm a huge fan of science fiction. :] And it was the first trilogy I read, so it's near and dear to my heart.


    LOVELY giveaway!

  33. What wonderful prizes!! I was just thinking yesterday that I would love to learn how to embroider!! After seeing your cute creation, I am for sure going to learn!!!
    My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice...I remember how much I enjoyed reading it for the first time and have felt a connection with it ever since. Plus the BBC miniseries is sooo good!!!
    I don't think I had a favorite author until recently and that author is, Jonathan Safran Foer...his characters are amazing, heartbreaking and so honest. He uses words so beautifully-his books tug at my heartstrings.

  34. Omg so darling! I love Sylvia Plath!

    I think my favorite book would have to be To Kill A Mockingbird. It's brilliantly written and has some incredible messages. I read it in 8th grade and have read it again at least once a year since (I'm a sophomore in college now).

    And I'm a follower. :)

  35. Oops, I totally forgot to add my info!

    My name is Mandi and my email address is amwasmer@vt.edu

    And I suppose I can count this as my tweet comment, just tweeted it on my account: LovelyGlampire

  36. I'm definitly a follower. I like your blog. :)

    Ummmmm. I love the Harry Potter Series as far as favorite book... But favorite Author would be Jane Austen. Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice are the two best love stories ever written... In my opinion. I guess I just like stories about love overcoming all odds.

    Name: Amy
    email: amyheartsphotography@gmail.com

  37. Your blog is on my newly discovered list among other lovely crafty people's blogs & you will find that I am in fact a follower of your lovely blog. =)

    Like anything I do this is cheesy, but... my favorite author is Lewis Carroll with my favorite books being Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. & I can tell you that I have many various editions of this set of books including a 2 in 1 from 1890-something. They are just so quirky & a fun read every single time I read them. =)

    My name, lovely, is Cassandra aka CaL & you can find me here caloynd@gmail.com

    & I tweeted too!

  38. I am following :)

    I would say that my favorite book(s) are the Harry Potter series.

    I also tweeted! http://www.twitter.com/sheewulf


  39. I'm following (of course, why wouldn't i be?)! :)

    My absolute favorite author is Jonathan Safran Foer. It's tough for me to choose a favorite between his first two books Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and Everything is Illuminated, but I'm going to have to go with Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I hold this book close to my heart for many reasons. His writing style is unbelievably beautiful. The way he expresses himself through the characters and the stories hits me deep. I can definitely say that his books have changed my life. They've inspired me to write as well!

    I tweeted too! http://twitter.com/Claggie/status/7490792568

    Kristine (claggie)

  40. Please please please pick me! I just discovered Plath and i LOVE her!!!!

    Favorite Author: Dickins, Austen, Gaskill, Hemingway ---why? Their writing is just classic.

    Favorite Book: I really like The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Series of Unfortunate Events.

    I twitted it too!! www.twitter.com/christenkrumm

    I don't know how to send just the message though :/

  41. I am a follower.

    My favorite author is Douglas Adams. I first read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy when I was a teenager. It still is one of the funniest books I have ever read :D

  42. I tweeted, http://twitter.com/laprochaine/status/7493555191

    Oh and I forgot my email addy on my above post, here it is:

  43. i've been following you for forever :).

    one of my favorite books is catcher in the rye by jd salinger. the first time i read it, i think i was probably eleven years old--so i didn't understand alot of it. but over the years, i've come back to it numerous times and have read the rest of salinger's books as well. my catcher copy is marked up and dog-eared with all of my favorite lines, and opening it just takes me back to a time where I read Holden Caulfield's thoughts and words and couldn't identify. and sadly, growing up has kind of made me.

    but, I swear I'm not going to get kicked out of school and spend nights in weird cities in sleazy hotels :).


    and I'll be doing a post about this giveaway (not sure if that gets me an extra entry, i'm just stoked that someone's doing a reading-related giveaway!!).

  44. I am a follower and my favorite author right now is Elizabeth Gilbert because of her versatility. Thanks


  45. I'm a follower!

    My favorite book is the Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky. It's a pretty close tie though with Catcher in the Rye. I found that both books were written similarly and I just love the perspective of the characters.


  46. Hello lovely girl!
    I am definitely a follower.
    My favorite author is Francesca Lia Block. Every single one of her books is so dear to my heart. The way she writes is absolutely entrancing and her books are so full of magic. I feel sort of transformed whenever I read one of her stories.

    Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway!
    heymissindie at gmail dot com

  47. And I just tweeted!

  48. I just found your blog! Lovely giveaway!
    I am now following! :)

    I love a lot of books. I don't really know that I have a favorite author though.

    My name is Cat
    My email: Afcat84@aol.com
    My blog: www.nowoodenspoons.blogspot.com


  49. I just tweeted!


  50. SO CUTE!

    favorit author and/or book:
    BOOK - The Time Traveler's Wife

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  52. what a great giveaway! my favorite author is margaret atwood, ive always loved her book the edible woman.


  53. Hi! I'm a new follower. :) My favorite author is Jean Auel and I'm a fan of the entire Earths Children series that she wrote.

    corysu @ gmail.com

  54. Hey Chels:)

    My favorite book from the past few years is (still) "The Last Summer of You and Me" -Ann Brashares. Just something about that story, the characters, and the way it was written. I looove it. Oh and I should mention the Twilight Saga as a favorite guilty pleasure:)


  55. Danielle Hampton

    Sylvia Plath and The Bell Jar <3


  56. marisa, marisa.gonzales@gmail.com

    hmm favorite book/author is a hard one! i'd have to say my favorite book right now is, Love Is A Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield <3

    and i'm in love with this giveaway!!

  57. I just linked over from Sometimes Sweet and became a follower! Your blog just looks so cute.

    I'm Brandilyn.

    My favorite author right now is David Sedaris, and his book 'Me Talk Pretty One Day' is totally one of my favorites.

  58. Hi Im Brandi from Bueno Bueno!
    Im a follower
    My favorite book is SHOP GIRL by Steve Martin
    i read it after the movie!
    Brandi Lisenbe iheartbueno@gmail.com
    cute stuff!!!!
    check out our giveaway early next week!

  59. Hi! I'm a follower!
    My favorite book is The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer.
    It's an amazing autobiography about WWII.
    It's somewhat depressing but has so much real world strength.
    My name is Whitney

  60. I'm a follower! My favorite book at the moment (yes it changes all the time) is "The Vinter's Luck"...I love it because it was so odd and so unexpected. Haunting and poetic. Tragic and beautiful. It's worth a read.


  61. tweeted