January 16, 2010

Oh my! Where have I been?

  This week I have been literally ALL over the place. I've been so busy with end of break plans, "Camp" State Press, working, and celebrating the birth of a very dear friend! Here is a run down of the last week:

  Monday: Scott and I took a spontaneous trip to the Superstition mountains. We drove up, around, and down parts of the mountain range, and visited a lake, two ghost towns, and a few antique stores. The area was BEAUTIFUL, and I promise to post a few of the photos that we took there asap.

  Tuesday:  Scott and I did a bit of shopping, and then went to the gym.

  Wednesday: I went to "Camp" State Press, which was an informational meeting for my college's newspaper that I am going to be a part of next semester. We had a chance to speak with SP alumni, get to know our fellow State Press'ers, and get pumped for the next semester of our paper!

  Thursday: Scott and I went to downtown Phoenix to A. pick up my books for the semester, and B. to go to Lux (new favorite coffee shop). Here is a few photos from our trip to Lux:

  Friday: Scott and I did a bit of filing for my parents at their office, had lunch at Paradise Bakery, and then I headed down to Scottsdale to do a bit of shopping with Gina (birthday girl!). A few hours later I went with Gina and a few other girls to PF Changs (mmm tofu).

  Today: I slept in, did a bit of shopping with my mom and grandma at Target (I some Kashi cereal (giving it another chance) and oatmeal!), went with Scott to buy his school books, spent time reading magazines at Barnes and Noble (I got a non-fat latte and it took away the blues that I was feeling all day), and went with my dad, and Scott to sign the two of us for memberships at Lifetime Fitness! 

  I already have a list of things to do for tomorrow (all written down in my nice new planner), and I'm thinking it's time for bed. Before I go though I would like to ask you guys for a few musical suggestions. I have an itunes gift card that I'm just itching to spend! Thanks<3


-Chels xoxo


  1. He Chelsea, I love reading your blog. I'm curious about what kind of planner you have. I have been looking for a good one. thanks,

  2. bon iver, william fitzsimmons, peter bradley adams, justin townes earl, laura marling, bat for lashes, anchor and braille. just a few!

  3. Lux looks like a cute little coffee shop!! My music suggestions would be One Eskimo, The Avett Brothers and The Bird and The Bee...I've been listening to those a lot lately!!

  4. Jane- Thanks girl! The planner I have is made by Blue Sky, and I got it at Target

    The girl (what is your name love?)- Thank you so much! I really love Bon Iver, and Anchor and Braille. I'm excited to listen to the others you suggested though :] Thanks!

    Sandy- Thanks for the suggestions! I've been really meaning to check out The Bird and The Bee. Thanks for reminding me of them :]


  5. chelsea, you are so pretty
    i love your coffee shop posts, hehe
    and your hair....soooo dreamy
    i wanna be blonde again!

  6. pf changs tofu... amazing! mmm.

    some suggestions? lately, i've really liked mazzy star and the xx. :)

  7. my husband and I love spontaneous trips...they end up being the best & most memorable trips. :)

  8. Carly- Awwh shucks :] Thanks love!

    Kristine- Agreed! Thanks girl!

    Jennifer- They really are! The last two road trips we went on were spontaneous and quite fun :]