January 5, 2010

Top ten coffee shops of 2009!

  As many of you may know I do a lot of traveling during the summer. During my travels I try and visit any, and every coffee shop that I can while. I have decided to compile a list of my top ten favorite coffee shops of 2009. Onward.....

  10. Tammie Coe Cakes in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. They use illy espresso, need I say more.

9. Cuppers in Prescott, Arizona. They had good ice coffee, and Alice Palmers!

8. Colorado Java House in Grand Junction, Colorado. Cheap skinny vanilla lattes and friendly faces can be found here.

7. Gold Bar in Tempe, Arizona. Best hot tea ever!

6. Doghouse Espresso in Delta, Colorado. They have amazing iced coffee, and it's connected a sweet pottery painting shop!

5. Off The Beaten Path Book Store and Coffee House in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They have really yummy lattes, and you can always pick up a good book while you're there.

4. Liberty Market in Gilbert, Arizona. Yummy lattes and amazing food, need I say more?

3. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Tempe Marketplace location). Fav chain coffee shops!

2. Sacred Grounds in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. All of their coffee drinks are amazing, and they serve the best pastries and veggie friendly food. LOVE it there!

1. Backcountry Coffee in Paonia, Colorado! This place was by far my favorite find this summer. They had a friendly staff, free wifi, cute and clean indoor sitting area, and didn't charge you for that third or fourth shot of espresso. I drank SOO many four shot skinny vanilla lattes while in Paonia, and look forward to going back there this year.


  1. Tammie Coe is good and the pretzels are the best. I have alot of family in different parts of CO and I visit a few times a year, I'm gonna have to try some of the places you mentioned.
    Have you ever tried Capitol Coffee(The Paisley Violin) or Drip Lounge (they both serve Xanadu coffee)they're one of my favorites:)

  2. I love this post! I also enjoy finding new coffee/tea shops, so this was post was lovely :)

  3. I absolutely had to save this in my google reader! I can't wait to try the local shops! Awesome post! Thanks!!

  4. I wish we had more local coffee shops around here!

  5. Hi :)

    My names Nicole and I am a current student at the University of East London, UK and am doing a project on Coffee Culture. I came across your website and found your blog pretty fascinating. I have some questions I hope you don't mind answering which will really help me with my assignment.

    1. Define the word 'fresh'?

    2. What comes to mind when you think of freshness?

    3. How does the concept freshness influence your life?

    4. Do you prefer to go out for coffee?

    5. Do you prefer to visit well known coffee houses or local coffee shops?

    6. Why is this?

    7. Would you ever class coffee houses as creative spaces? or a library perhaps?

    Hope to hear your responses very soon! Thank you :)



  6. I miss colorado!
    you are adorable by the way!