January 6, 2010

Vintage Pyrex collection.

  A few months ago Scott and I started collecting vintage Pyrex glassware. 

  We started out with these two cups that we found at a local Goodwill:

  Our second piece was this green loaf pan (currently holding brownies) that we found at another local thrift store:

  The next few pieces were purchased at a few different antique shops in Prescott, Arizona:

  I also bought two pieces for Scott for Christmas:

(Matches the casserole dish that we have!)

(Currently holding Christmas candy!)

  The last few pieces that we bought were purchased at a local antique mall just this week:


We also have a few Fire King pieces (very similar to Pyrex), and Corning pieces as well:

  Also, did I mention that for Christmas Scott made me these adorable Tea Talk coffee cups:

  I have a set of four right now and have plans to make more!

  Oh, and Scott also bought this cute cup, along with it's mate, and is currently using it for sipping coffee and hot coco at work:

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  -Chels xoxo


  1. love the pyrex.
    i found a whole bowl set at my thrift store once! i will have them forever!
    the tea talk cups are adorable!
    update us when you have more!

  2. oh its all so beautiful! lucky! x

  3. Pyrex is so nice!! I love all the colors and designs! The tea talk mugs are so sweet!!

  4. Something about old pyrex. My mom has a couple of the pieces that you pictures and I always tell her she must leave them to me! ha. Lovely Lovely.

  5. Pyrex is so cute!! It reminds me of my grandma, and I love that!

  6. I WANT THEM ALL. Found your blog through the blogging grapevine somewhere, and am so glad I did. :)

  7. Hey! I found your blog and I LOVE the vintage cups! i just started blogging and I hope you don't mind me following you, you can follow me too. :)

  8. Love the tea talk mugs, what a cuuuuute boyfriend!!

  9. I love your pyrex collection! I want some pyrex dishes! I don't own any right now but I always have to look at them in antique shops. My mom has the wheat bowl you pictured :)

  10. I love pyrex very nice collection!

  11. i love my pyrex too! i have my families and i also have my finds! but those green cups! omg i want i want!!!!! wow!

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  13. My Mom has the orange wheat pyrex!!!! It brings so many memories of yummy food :)

  14. Nice collection! Be careful Pyrexia is rather catchy! I know first hand...

  15. ooh, the last mug is my favorite! so fun!