January 5, 2010

A Year in Review (Oh yes, I'm doing one of these too!).

  Tonight I thought I would put together a little year in review post for my lovely readers (you guys are seriously THE best!).

Here we go!

  In January Scott, his Dad, his little sister, and myself went on a trip to Flagstaff to see the sites, and play in the snow. I also started school at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

  In February Scott and I celebrated our third Valentines Day together, attended school, and also went on a mini-photoshoot with Gina Marie!


  In March Scott and I had Spring Break! Scott went on a four day trip to Utah, and Colorado, and I stopped drinking soda (still going strong!). 


  In April I visited my cousins in Yuma, attended school, and took lots of bike rides and pictures with Scott.

  In May I celebrated my 21st birthday with friends at 905 in Downtown Phoenix, and made my way to Colorado for the summer.

  In June I spent time with my cousin Jarred in Colorado, traveled a lot, and went to a million different coffee shops were I sampled their skinny vanilla lattes, and iced coffee.

  In July I continued to visit coffee shops, picked cherries at a cherry tree farm, and took lots of nature photos.

  In August I returned to Arizona (finally!) and was reunited with my love. I also started another semester of college at ASU.

  In September Scott and I went on lots of bike rides, even late night ones, and attended lots of poetry slams.

  In October Scott and I celebrated so many wonderful days, including our three year anniversary and Scott's 21st birthday!

  In November Scott and I spent lots of time thrifting, going to school, working, and we also celebrated Thanksgiving together.


  In December Scott and I finished up school for the semester, went on a fun trip to Prescott, Arizona, and celebrated Christmas!

  All in all it was a great year. I  believe that Scott and I both learned a lot, and grew as individual people, and also as a couple. 

  We are both very excited for 2010 and just know that great things are coming our way!


  1. cuties! This was a fun post- I love photos of you two.

  2. Very cute post!! Love the February and October photos too:)

  3. aww. adorable post.
    happy 2010!

  4. Onjoli- Thanks girl!

    Jennifer- Thank you! Happy new year to you as well :]

  5. I love seeing all these photos! You two are adorable together! And I'm so jealous of all the amazing coffee shops you got to visit! YUM!

  6. love these pictures! glad your year was so great! <33

  7. Looks like an awesome year!!! Hope 2010 is even better!