February 9, 2010

Big city picnics.

Scott and I went on a cute picnic in the park across the street from my school, in the heart of downtown Phoenix, this afternoon. We ate tofurkey sandwiches, sour cream and onion pop chips, lemon snap cookies, and shared an apple. Oh, did I mention that we stopped by the Fair Trade Cafe before we sat down and got americanos (his hot, mine iced).

We both greatly enjoyed our picnic, and loved laying in the sun watching the clouds fly by. Can't wait to have another picnic oh so soon.

Time for sleep!

-Chels xoxo

PS So excited for Valentines day on Sunday! Who doesn't love a whole day devoted to LOVE!


  1. are those the sunglasses you were talking about via twitter?! sooo cute!

    looks like a fun fun day! again, you two are so so cute together <33

  2. Uhhh I don't like a day devoted to love.

  3. yes check out my brownies for V-day on http://bettybakeblog.blogspot.com

    hope you enjoy
    I LOVE picnics

    Betty Bake

  4. ummm.. i want your boots, sunglasses and hair! you are frakin adorable!

  5. Oh these pictures make me want spring to hurry up and get here! Reminds me of when me and my boyfriend(now husband) always had picnics on Sundays after church when we were in college. Those are some of my favorite memories!

  6. Sooo cute!! Ryan takes me on picnics each year for my birthday just like this...grassy area, sunny day, cute blanket and lots of smooches! Picnics are the best :)

  7. picnics on beautiful days are the best!
    yall are cuties!

  8. I'm so jealous, cause it's sunny and warm!!; D

  9. where are you from?
    it looks warm and not freezing cold like it is here in canada.

  10. picnics are so great! glad you got to enjoy the sunshine