February 12, 2010

Date day? I think so!

Today I had an absolute lovely day.

I woke up around 9 a.m.(no school for me on Fridays, so I can sleep in a bit) and soon got up and proceeded to take a few phone calls from a few people I called about a story on small businesses that I'm writing. Around 11 a.m. Scott came over and we headed to downtown Phoenix together for some brunch. We decided to go to Matt's Breakfast because we've both been wanting to try it out for a long time, plus they featured it on DDD on the Food Network so we figured that they must have good food!

As usual there was a long line of people to get a table (I drive by the restaurant sometimes when I go to school and always see a line), so we decided to go over to Royal and get coffee. We both got americanos, and spent some time flipping through a Phoenix brochure.


After we got back over to Matt's we still had about another 10 minute wait, so I decide to shoot some photos in the meantime.

Once we finally got into Matt's we had the chance to admire the cuteness that ensued the inside of the building. It took about 20ish minutes to get our food, but it was so worth it though.

Three meat scramble with fresh jalapenos and home fries!

I had a waffle and home fries (not pictured).

Honey lemonade. MMMMM

Such a great shot of Scott! He's so photogenic.

After we were done eating we decided to walk to a local music store that is closing down. I was hoping to find some great vinyl, but ended up not finding much there. Afterwards we went to AMC and saw Valentines Day. I ended up really liking it, and felt like the movie really reasonable Love Actually (a favorite of mine!). Did I mention that Taylor Lautner is in the movie, AND Taylor Swift! They were so cute in it.

After the movie Scott and I went on a walk on South Mountain. I got to try out my new hiking backpack that Scott got me for Vday!

To top the night off Scott and I stopped by this cute boba cafe down the street from my house and shared a Melon boba. It was DELICIOUS and definitely changed Scott's thought on boba (YAY).

Cute post about our Vday celebration to come soon!


-Chels xoxo


  1. i saw valentine's day tonight!
    i really loved it.
    very sweet and cute.

    i want to try a boba soo badly.
    they look yum!

  2. that boba tea joint looks AMAZING!! i love boba tea! you should try avocado sometime! :]

  3. adorable.
    you guys are so cute together!

  4. GAH! Boba! I went and got some last weekend for the first time in about 3 years and I can't even tell you how amazing it tasted. Coconut all the way :)