February 20, 2010

Friday recap!

Yesterday I started my morning off with a nice cup of Stumptown Coffee. Scott and I's friend Tyler brought it all the way from Oregon for us, and I have to say that after about a month or so of enjoy it we've almost used all of it (tear). Right now I'm considering buying more online because it is that good.

Anyways, after Scott got off of work we made a picnic lunch and took my dog Jake to the park.

PS Here is my new Blythe (my first). Her name is Willow and she is a CG!

My boots, his TOMS!

After we ate and figured that Jake was worn out (he's 13 years old) we headed back to my house, and then on to Scott's house so we could meet our friend Amanda and go on a bike ride around the neighborhood. Since it was such a beautiful day it was perfect bike riding weather, which ultimately lead to perfect conversation weather. What a great time!

After our bike ride Scott and I focused on homework. Scott made coffee, and a I put on a record. He worked on Spanish and math, I worked on story ideas for my class and the school paper.

For dinner Scott and I went over to his mom's house to enjoy tacos, rice, and cranbery cherry flax muffins! Oh, and Scott accidentally put orange spice tea in our lemonade (trying to make an arnold palmer) and it was actually really good.


  1. sounds like a wonderful day! so the other day you posted about a picnic and it made me really really start craving spring and picnics. On Thursday it got up to 45 degrees. I was so excited that it was that warm that I told my husband I wanted to have a picnic so we bought Subway and ate it at the park in 45 degrees!! It was nice for awhile but it did start to get cold after awhile! haha! Spring please hurry!!

  2. Oh goodness--I love corgis sooo much! Their tiny little legs are too cute! Sandy's parents have two and to see them in the super high snow is just too much!

  3. i love your boots, your blythe, and the sunshine!
    I want a blythe, where did you buy yours??

  4. Awwww Jake is the cutest! And your new Blythe is adorable, I love her name :]
    I'm glad you had such a lovely day!

  5. Do you have a Welsh Corgi?!?!?! I want one SO bad.

  6. yay! thank you for following! your blog is so precious. adding you to my reader!
    i love your puppy.

  7. hey chica, i'm changing up my blog layout. can you make me a blog button 200(w)x80(h)? i would love to put your blog button on my blog! thank you lady! (mail.dmoser(at)gmail.com)

  8. I have a corgi too! His name is Artoo.
    I enjoy your blog very much <3