February 23, 2010

Reading, boba dates, and a message.

This is what my morning has looked like every day for about the last week. I've found that getting up a little early and sitting down with a cup of coffee, my books, and my laptop has made it easier for myself to get more homework/reading done. I also very much enjoy the quietness of the morning, when nobody is awake except me.

Also, lately Scott and I have been having lots of Boba tea study dates. Our new favorite=almond coconut!

I want to leave you with an important thought:

This morning one of my boyfriend's former bandmates, along with a high school friend of mine, were involved a serious car accident while their new band, REECE, was driving to their next show in New Mexico. Their van hit a patch of black ice and sent their van and trailer flipping 5-6 times. Each member sustained serious injuries, and most of them were taken to hospital in New Mexico. I would like to point you in the direction of a PayPal account that members of the band The Summer Set created so that people could donate to help the members of REECE continue on their journey, and pay for the numerous hospital bills each member is due to receive. You can check out The Summer Set's Tumblr account for more information, and also find the link to the PayPal account there. These boys are truly talented and deserve the best in life. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Time for sleep and The Time Traveler's Wife.


-Chels xoxo


  1. wow! i'm so sorry to hear about them! i will go check that out for sure.

    and almond boba tea! i'm going to have to see about getting some of that! yum!

  2. i'm sorry to hear about your friends!
    keeping them in my thoughts.

  3. Super sad :( FYI, your paypal link is acting funky.

    I tried avocado boba...not a fan, weirdly! It was super rich for me. But almond coconut sounds fab.

  4. Mmm boba tea!

    I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend's bandmates. All my thoughts go out to them to get better.

  5. Oh, I recognize that anthology. Are you an English major?

  6. Biscuit- You definitely should try some!

    Lydia- Thanks so much love!

    Kara- Avocado is a little different. Sorry that you didn't like it :/

    Folkstories- Thank you so much! That means a lot to me.

    Sierra- I am not, I'm actually a Journalism major but I'm taking at least 12 credit hours of English Lit for my degree. Are you an English Lit major?

    Nicole- Thank you<3

  7. Neat! I'm about to graduate with a B.A. in English (mostly lit, with a little bit of writing, criticism, and grammar) in May. I'm taking a low level sophomore journalism class this semester and the deadlines are killing me! haha. I respect people who can adhere to strict deadlines because I certainly cannot. :)

    (P.S. Your site makes me very happy! I keep wanting to start a blog like this but I'm lazy.)

  8. Congratulations on graduating! I just figured out that I'll be graduating next May and I couldn't be any happier!

    I think it's so neat that you're taking a journalism course. Deadlines can definitely be tough, especially when people won't call you back, but I think that they definitely help keep me on my toes and I'm thankful for that!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! <3